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H1N1 Business Preparation

The Santa Ana Police Foundation is offering a FREE Business Emergency Response Team (BERT) class this Thursday, Dec. 10, starting at 7:10 a.m., to 8:45 a.m. at Temple Beth Sholom, which is located at Tustin Ave. & Fairhaven, at 2625 N. Tustin Ave., in Santa Ana.

If your business is willing to host a future event please let the foundation know by clicking here

Also, please RSVP by clicking here.

Session one: “What do YOU need this year?”

Bill Cunningham will lead a working session to identify the specific training YOU need for YOUR business. We have a powerful outline of sessions available to us already, and this session will fill in the blanks with specifics as you describe them to us. CLICK HERE to see the sessions in place.

**Please sign up now**

Session two: “Pandemic Plan of Action: Getting Ready Now”

Christiane Speck will lead the presentation.

The guidelines are:
• H1N1 and how Businesses may be confronted with the pandemic
• Three key facts that can be used to plan this flu season
o Having a plan is not enough
o Employees may look to their employers for assurance
o Characteristics of H1N1 that make it especially worrisome for the business community

B.E.R.T.: Katrina / 9-11 / The Big One

Don’t be part of the problem! Prepare oursleves and others for large scale system failure, in becoming more self-sufficient, by acting as a conduit of information to our First Responders.

What have we, as a society, learned? We’ve learned that during and after a disaster whether family, business, or congregation we have to help ourselves, and we have to help each other. This kind of disaster is not selective. It will affect you, and your business, and your family, and your congregation. Planning eliminates fear.

Who are we?

At the invitation of the Santa Ana Police Department, Division of Homeland Security, a group of Santa Ana business leaders came together to form a partnership with the Police Department.

We are as busy a group of people in our lives as one could find. We’ve recognized that this is a critical contribution to ourselves, including our family, business or congregation.

Yet, we are mindful of our your time. IT IS CRITICAL. Our meetings are early mornings and the SAPDF Foundation assists with the day-to-day administration. THERE IS NO financial OBLIGATION. Only your commitment to be part of the solution, not part of the problem, in the event of a catastrophe.

That partnership has evolved. The participating companies have formed a grassroots organization to be a force-for-good in the event of a catastrophe. And, much more than that, these companies have formed an organization to help businesses continue operations should an attack or natural disasters strike our city.

These committed businesses have placed personnel through a Business Emergency Response Team training program based on CERT, tailored for businesses by businesses. We have taken the curriculum and enhanced to BERT-Plus. You have this opportunity to help yourself and those around you. Contact Doug Kantner, VP @ for more information.

These businesspeople are much more than trained; they are a cohesive group that will have a powerful effect on our community by dramatically extending the reach of our first responders, should the need arise.
We are administered by the Santa Ana Police Foundation, and managed by the needs of our community. We are actively developing radio communications, monthly training, and equipment & supplies emergency stock recommendations.

Where do you go from here? Contact us at , JOIN US.


2nd Thursday of month: January 14, 2009

Sergeant Henry Esparza from Homeland Security, officer for 12 years, Involved in CERT/BERT, coordinate Homeland Security Grants for Santa Ana and Orange County.


The theme for January’s BERT-Plus training is “Plan to Stay in Business.” As business owners and/or managers, disaster preparedness is critical for continuity of operations, and more importantly, for the welfare of your employees. If a catastrophic event were to occur, there is a strong likelihood that each business will have to rely on its own resources for at least 72 hours. The training will address these issues as well as provide a brief overview of natural and man-made disasters and the necessary steps in preparing for any type of event.

We are Local Leaders Conquering Community Concerns through Emergency Business Preparedness, Secure Neighborhood Development, and Youth Gang Prevention Programs.

NOTE: The Santa Ana Police Foundation is a Public Corporation which has no official affiliation with or influence upon the Santa Ana Police Department, the Chief of Police, or any officers or administrators affiliated thereto.


William Cunningham
Santa Ana Police Foundation

Santa Ana Schools are participating in a CAPS4COPS campaign. Please click on: to support this noble effort.

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3 thoughts on “Free Santa Ana Business Emergency Response class on Dec. 10”
  1. Does this mean that the city can now afford & resume “CERT” classes, or has this to be kept on a back burner? Emergencies do not wait for cities to get their act together..they happen regardless.

  2. booper,

    Hard to say. I have had no CERT notices in some time, but the BERT classes are available if you are interested.

    The training is similar but BERT focuses on businesses and CERT focuses on residents.

  3. Art made a good comment, to my understanding there has been no active cease to Santa Ana CERT Training, everyone understands its value. The CERT coordinator resigned and with all of the hiring freezes, I understand that she can’t be replaced now. Those types of budget crisis issues are driving the formation of the Police Foundation. We want — we NEED our community to be as strong as possible, and are willing and eager to try to pick up the slack when the budget cuts directly hit the officers on the streets, the youth gang prevention programs, and Business Emergency Preparedness in the event of a disaster — small or large. We began before all of these budget woes, but our importance has certainly been certified because of it. As a Santa Ana resident, you are probably invovled in some sort of business or you own or manage a business in Santa Ana. How about representing that business in our Team?

    No time like the present.

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