Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

On Friday, a judge in San Francisco struck down a 2016 rule that allowed non-citizen parents to vote in that city’s school board elections, according to LAIST.

The State Constitution invalidated the measure. The same thing happened in June in New York City.

The question is why did Santa Ana City Councilman Johnathan Ryan Hernandez propose allowing the undocumented to vote in our local elections without doing his homework first? He wasted everyone’s time on what amounts to a pipe dream.

Will you still vote for Sarmiento even though his family is suing the City of Santa Ana?
Will you still vote for Sarmiento even though his family is suing the City of Santa Ana?



Hernandez may well have done this to help his colleague, Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento, who is running for OC Supervisor in November.

The scheme backfired as it is clear now that the notion is illegal and won’t hold up in California. The Santa Ana City Council has now shelved the idea.

Of course this won’t stop Hernandez who is now boasting that he will get this on the ballot in 2024.

Perhaps Hernandez should focus on actual issues in Santa Ana such as high crime, gangs, drug addicts and vagrants?

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3 thoughts on “Councilman Hernandez’ scheme to allow the undocumented to vote in Santa Ana has been shelved”
  1. I am a United States Army veteran. My fellow military brothers, sisters and myself risk our life to maintain Democracy in our beautiful United States and to maintain our precious rights to freedom. One of those freedoms is the right to vote. I am a Naturalized US Citizen. I worked hard to earn my US Citizenship. I worked hard for my right to vote.

    In my opinion, allowing non-citizens to vote goes against our US Constitution. I am not in support of this issue and with all due respect to those working hard to become documented residents, I will not ever support it. The person must be a US Citizen to participate in the US election process.

    The article reflects that Supervisor candidate Sarmiento’s support to allow non-residents to vote is now a hinderance to his campaign. Would the author expand on this a little deeper?

    1. I agree totally. I not think they should have that right and I think it’s Offensive for those who work hard to become citizens and those born here

    2. We agree Councilwoman Mendoza.

      We also feel that Sarmiento’s support for Hernandez’ scheme to give the vote to the undocumented will backfire in November as the undocumented still cannot vote and most voters will not be thrilled with Sarmiento’s support for this lame scheme.

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