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Santa Ana DTSA and Transit Zone Complete Streets Plan

City of Santa Ana

Community Alert: City of Santa Ana Seeks Public Input with Plans to Make Walking and Bicycling Safer and Easier in Downtown Santa Ana

Public invited to attend 3-day design workshop on September 25-27

SANTA ANA, CA – Imagine downtown Santa Ana as a bicycle and pedestrian-friendly environment that encourages visitors and residents to park their cars and enjoy the city up close! That is the goal for Santa Ana city planners and a team of consultants who are embarking on development of the Downtown/Transit Zone Complete Streets Plan.

Complete Streets provide opportunities for increased physical activity by incorporating features that promote regular walking, bicycling and transit use into just about every street. A benefit that results from this approach would include improvements that make it easier and safer to travel between the Transportation Center and Downtown Santa Ana on foot, by bicycle or public transit.

Destinations such as schools, offices, retail shops, restaurants, and other places of interest can become much more welcoming for bicycling and walking. The project will also elevate the attractiveness of the community and promote the cultural, economic and artistic qualities of the neighborhoods and businesses.

Community involvement is central to the success of Downtown/Transit Zone Complete Streets Plan. Workshops will be conducted over a three-day period from Thursday evening, September 25 through Saturday, September 27. The public is encouraged to attend.
• Thursday evening is a presentation kicking off the design workshop which will include the draft vision, goals, project process and outreach for the plan. Displays and information boards will be available to provide comments.
• Friday afternoon, attendees can participate in a walk audit or a bike tour of the study area. Immediately after, the design workshop will ask participants to identify overall opportunities and constraints, and site specific issues.
• Saturday morning, a solutions workshop will be conducted asking participants on what types of solutions they would like to see based on previously identified issues.

The City has also formed a Community Advisory Committee comprised of individuals who reflect the diversity of stakeholder interests in and near Downtown Santa Ana. They are tasked to ensure that the recommendations meet the needs for all users.

For more information and to stay involved, please see the City webpage http://santa-ana/completestreets/default.asp, or contact Cory Wilkerson at, 714.647.5643
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