Thu. Mar 30th, 2023

Santa Ana Mayoral challenger David Benavides got bad news today as a mailer hit the mailboxes touting his plan to raise his own City Council pay.

Benavides, who is supporting every single tax increase on the November ballot, formed a City Council committee, according to the mailer, which you can see here, in July of this year.  The committee’s mission was to explore raising the City Council’s pay and benefits!  Luckily Mayor Miguel Pulido put a stop to this.

Benavides already accepts the largest pay package of anyone on the Santa Ana City Council, including stipends, and city paid health, dental and live insurance benefits, plus a $6,000 car allowance!

The mailer asks if we can afford to elect Benavides as our Mayor.  Good question!

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24 thoughts on “Benavides got caught trying to raise his Council pay package”
  1. VOTE for Cecilia “CECI” Iglesias

    I believe that Mayor Pulido will WIN this election. According to his webpage he is getting help by Karina Onofre and her volunteers. I like Karina Onofre for City Council. I am still undecided between Pulido and Collins. Both of speak of being fiscally sound. Benavides wants to Raise Taxes. That is a NO-NO. No to Higher taxes and No to Benavides.

    Cecilia “CECI” Iglesias for Santa Ana School Board
    Karina Onofre City Council
    Pulido or Collins- Mayor

  2. Back when I worked for an employer I new who was the boss, it was the person signing my paycheck.

    Since the mayor and council dont get a paycheck from the residents, citizens, voters of Santa Ana (or any other city for that matter)

    Who do they work for?

  3. If his “pay package” was the only thing that got raised, Benavides would not be in the dog house along with Bustamante when it comes to his marriage.

  4. David constantly tried to sell his “package” to the young employees at US BANK.

    He was sucessful a few times.

    Finally, it cost him a job and a few girls their innocence.

    What I don’t understand is how his wife, a teacher of young Latina’s thinks it’s OK that David manipulated these girls.

    Maybe she is promised something. But, STRONG women is not something the Benavide’s family portray’s. Not given this man’s history.

  5. Looks like the same old boring nalga is going to win….would have been nice to see a new mayor here in the city …..

  6. I’m not sure that the information on this mailer can be trusted. While some councel members do receive less benefits than Benavides, his total compensation on most items is identical to the others on the city council, with a total that is similar to that of the others and equal to that of Sarmiento. I found the information here:

    Strangely enough, the mailer says that he gets a $6000 annual car allowance when everyone on the council, including the mayor, actually gets a $12000 car allowance according to the link I’ve provided. The way the information is laid out is misleading.

    Oh, and Loyal Falcon, are you Carpetgattis? You seem to be recycling the tired out rumors that Carpetgattis uses.

  7. US BANK CLERK/ Carpetgattis,

    I just missed your comment when I posted mine. There you go with your trademark “Benavide’s”. There’s no need for an apostrophe there.

    You come across as a hateful and vengeful person. Otherwise, why would you be spreading these rumors constantly? If you don’t like Benavides for mayor, that’s perfectly fine. However, spreading malicious lies about people reveals a poor and troubled soul.

      1. Personally, I don’t like the mailers that went out about the mayor and his family. However, we can’t attribute those to Benavides any more than we can attribute to the mayor the comments against Benavides written on this blog. I’m speaking directly to Mr. Carpetgattis and his continued spreading of rumors, without ever showing evidence. Others have speculated that he has been hired by the mayor, but that’s beyond my knowledge so I don’t further that notion.

        1. The Mayor doesn’t hire anonymous commenters.

          Did you know that the PAC that attacked Pulido’s children is hosting Benavides’ election night party?

  8. David, “manipulated the girls”
    Why would you assume it went down like that?
    Was he in a position of higher authority there?
    Was he offering them promotions or forcing them to fear the loss of a job. If you know any facts, please tell all. Otherwise, it is most likely that there was some consensual shared stuff going on there. Age of equality. ?no? people sleep with married partners all the time that are no longer involved with eachother. I have done it. Many ethical people have done it. Show us the “manipulation”. Tell us more if you know more! Remember, you are being judged.

  9. Had Benavides and Bustamante kept their packages in their pants and looked to their spouses to raise them, both would be living with their wives and chldren. So, so, so very sad.

  10. I heard one of the dumbest campaign calls yesterday from the Benavides bot. It said, in Spanish, that Pulido has made “25 years of bad decisions.” LOL! Who does this guy think he’s talking too?

  11. As a conservative I cannot continue to support David anymore now that his true money grabbing agenda has been exposed.


  12. Mike (AKA Skallywag and Junior),

    You are among the elite in the OC blogesphere!

    You actually live in Santa Ana and get one vote (add your wife and kid’s and you may get three).

    But all these other fools: Dr. Art Lomeli, Andrew Galvin, Adam Elmark, Greg Diamond, Vern Nelson and so many others CAN’T VOTE HERE.

    Make your’s count, no matter who you vote for, vote for who YOU like. The others are just masterbating, there is no real consumation possible. So they just BLATHER.

    The gated communities are nice, the Long Beach scene is groovy, they cardboard box or the rented Brea garage make due.


    That’s why Your support is laudable: Skallywag, Junior or Mike Tardif. We don’t care what you call your self. Just continue to make Santa Ana a place YOU want to live.

  13. The financial backers of the PAC supporting Pulido include high-profile contributors Don Crevier, former owner of Crevier BMW; Cordoba Corp., which was awarded the city’s streetcar project contract; and tech-boom billionaire Henry Nicholas……………………
    You should help fix our deficit problems with those kind of friends …..
    Or do I give you the street sweeping contract…and you know kick down a little cash for my campaign …….must be nice..

  14. Benavides has gotten what he deserved. A bitch slap from Pulido.

    Benavides deserved to lose the mayoral race. Pendejo.

  15. Art, what changes will we see from this brave new Council majority? Sarmiento, Tinajero, Martinez, Benavides, Reyna…That’s count em 5 votes! OK Dr. Lomeli…what new visionary actions should we anticipate at the next Council meeting? We are waiting…..

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