Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

As the stumbling “Santa Ana Spring” movement continues to unimpress, it is becoming obvious that David Benavides, the bogus revolution’s candidate for Mayor of Santa Ana, is going to lose on Nov. 6.  He is barely campaigning.  He is using recycled signs and he has yet to send out any campaign mailers.  His campaign appears to be centered on Facebook ads and ubiquitous blog comments by his number one supporter, Art Lomeli, a resident of Orange Park Acres.

Benavides, and his number one Council ally, Michele Martinez, were born here.  Benavides hails from East Los Angeles, according to his bio.  Martinez was raised here in Santa Ana, but apparently wasn’t born here as that information is absent from her own bio.  But she most certainly was born somewhere in the U.S.

By contrast several of the current Council Members are Mexican immigrants – chief among them Mayor Miguel Pulido and Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez.  This is one of the reasons they have so much support in Santa Ana – a city dominated by Mexican immigrants and their families.  Many of these immigrants have, like Pulido and Alvarez, become citizens but they continue to value their culture and heritage.

Pulido and Alvarez speak excellent Spanish to this day.  Benavides and Martinez, on the other hand, speak Pocho Spanish.

What about the other Council Members?  Vince Sarmiento was born in Bolivia.  His family came to Santa Ana in 1965, according to his bio.  Why did they leave Bolivia?  Well, the CIA was very active in Bolivia circa 1965, according to online reports, due to a leftist insurgency. Ironically Sarmiento is now part of Benavides’ leftist insurgency.

Leftist?  You bet.  Benavides, Sarmiento and the rest of their “Team” have all endorsed every single tax increase on the November ballot.  Hang on to your wallets if these guys take over our City Council.  You can bet that it won’t be long before they try to pass a citywide tax increase to pay for a new police contract, since the cop union endorsed Benavides.  Payback will be a b*itch, but we the taxpayers will be paying the bill.

Sarmiento put up Benavides as a mayoral candidate this year knowing he would lose – with the thought that Benavides would be his trial balloon and that he would hopefully weaken Pulido so that Sarmiento can run for Mayor in 2014.  That is not going to happen, instead Benavides is going to lose badly and his entire cartel is going to be tarred in the process.

As for the other Council Members and Council Candidates in the Benavides cabal, Sal Tinajero was born and raised in Santa Ana, according to his bio.  And Council Candidate Eric Alderete was born in East Los Angeles, like Benavides.  Council Candidate Roman Reyna lists Santa Ana as his hometown, on his Facebook page.  I have not heard Alderete speak Spanish but I would imagine that Reyna, like Benavides and Martinez, is fluent in Pocho Spanish.

Alderete seems a bad fit for this motley crew.  He is polished while Benavides, Reyna and Martinez are very rough around the edges.  In fact we caught Reyna wearing what appears to be a clip on tie on his sole campaign mailer.

So how did Alderete end up on Team Benavides?  Simple.  He was blackmailed by Benavides’ political consultant, John Palacio, an SAUSD Trustee, since 1998, who now fashions himself to be a political guru.

John Palacio

Palacio threatened to run for Ward 3 unless the City Council majority got behind Benavides for Mayor – and Valerie Amezcua for the SAUSD School Board.  Alderete should have called his bluff, but he wimped out.  A deal was cut and just like that the Council majority was stuck in a leaky boat with Palacio and the Amezcuas.  What a revolting development!

Are Benavides, Reyna and Amezcua the best that Santa Ana has to offer?  Really?  An unsuccessful realtor, a guy who has setup volleyball games throughout his adult life, and a probation officer whose father works to free the criminals she works with, as a defense lawyer?  No thanks!  We can do better.

Valerie Amezcua

We must reject the East Los Angeles style politics of Team Benavides. We have an opportunity to choose a different path on Nov. 6.  I urge you to vote for Mayor Pulido, and for Karina Onofre – in Ward 5.  And vote for anyone for the SAUSD School Board but please don’t vote for Amezcua.

Do you really want to see our city go in the direction of Vernon, Bell, Compton and Cudahay?  Really?  If yes then by all means vote for Team Benavides.  You’ll get the local government you deserve.

By Editor

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100 thoughts on “Santa Ana’s voters should reject East L.A. style candidates”
  1. The comedy is getting better.

    -The CIA drove the Sarmiento family out of Bolivia.

    -Pulido likes Mexicans……he campaigned when he was first elected Mayor to eliminate Mexican immigrants from Santa Ana if they elected him Mayor. States publicly and in press interviews to not associate him as a Hispanic Mayor.

    -You should elect candidates, at least in Santa Ana, as suggested by Editor only if you were born in Mexico and speak Spanish fluently as native Mexicans.


    1. Comedy is right – that is a good descriptor for the Benavides Apple Dumpling Gang.

      I did not say that the CIA drove the Sarmiento family out of Bolivia, but they did leave that country during a time of leftist unrest, when the CIA was meddling in Bolivia. I can’t blame them for leaving. But were they well to do? Did they come here with bags of ill-gotten loot? Very curious.

      This rumor you have posted about Pulido is laughable when you consider that the Benavides cartel is full of Usual Suspects who voted for Prop. 187. In fact one of them was recently caught trying to match him up with Charles Hart in one campaign office! Laughable!

      And no, I didn’t say that you have to have been born in Mexico and speak fluent Spanish to win in Santa Ana, but it sure as heck doesn’t hurt, does it?

      So who then is the one with “false opinions?” When you point a finger at someone Dr. Lomeli don’t forget there are four more pointing back at you!

      1. First of all, i don’t know how your hand works but if you were to have 4 fingers pointing back at you that is impossible not unless you have some sort of freaky hand. if you point it would be 3 finger pointing right back at you. plus you have four fingers and a thumb, again not unless you have some sort of freaky hand.

        who cares if they speak “pocho” spanish what matters if they are going to do the job! obviouisly you have never worked in recreation its a lot more than just setting up a “volleyball game” we need more recreation programs so that we can give our kids something else to do than just sitting around and getting into trouble!!!

        you need to stop pointing that extra finger you have around and start focusing on what the city and district needs!! what we need is change and a NEW Vision for our wonderful city! i have always been involved with the city of Santa Ana and i have seen it go through so many changes but recently we are stuck in a rut, there is no where for our kids to go there is nothing for them and thats what we need.

        I want someone like Reyna Benavides and Amezcua because they are involved! they want CHANGE! they want to see our city SUCCEED!! and even better yet they want to see our YOUTH succeed and we should all be involved in making that happen!!

        1. Unlike the single Reyna I have four kids. My wife and I volunteer as board members of our Little League, NESALL and we run the local Cub Scouts pack. And we do that as volunteers. Reyna was no volunteer. He was paid to play.

          What we don’t need is guys like Reyna and Benavides who want to take over City Hall so they can stuff their pockets and hand out contracts to their pals. That is East LA politics and that is NOT what we need in Santa Ana.

          My kids are succeeding just fine and not because of Reyna, Benavides or Amezcua. My daughter graduated from FIDM with a degree in fashion design. She now works at the Gap as a designer. My oldest son got the highest GPA in the entire SAUSD when he graduated and is now at UCLA. And my other two boys are doing great in fundamental schools too.

          We don’t need fake leftist leaders. We need classy educated leaders and that does not apply to the Benavides cartel!

  2. What four fingers are pointing back at me? just curious.

    “This rumor you have posted about Pulido is laughable when you consider that the Benavides cartel is full of Usual Suspects who voted for Prop. 187. In fact one of them was recently caught trying to match him up with Charles Hart in one campaign office! Laughable!”

    There are several campaign pieces where he campaigns on this. he describes Mexican immigrants as vermin the reason for all the negatives of Santa Ana.

    These usual suspects were Pulido’s target audience along with the racists and bigots of the city at a time when these Immigrants and their families could not or wuld not vote

    Can send you these campaign pieces for you to post….OK??

    1. You are talking about the Usual Suspects – and as I referenced they are with Benavides this time around.

      Now rather than wallow in the distant past, and in unfounded rumors, why don’t you ask the Benavides campaign to send me their press releases and Op-Eds? I would be happy to post them, verbatim, with no editorial commentary.

  3. You call what I said rumors. I say I have Pulido’s campaign literature for you to post.

    You post all kinds of rumors and false opinions associated with the past of individuals you care to misrepresent… this is relevant or everything you post of individuals you care to misrepresent dealing with the past is irrelevant.

    1. I have offered to post any candidate’s press releases or op-eds and that offer holds true for Benavides. If he does not want to send me that info then that is too bad for him.

      I do not in fact post rumours and “False opinions.” If I don’t have a source I say so. You often hold me accountable for what my readers write in comments and that is not fair. If you have a specific instance of this rumor-mongering then let’s have it. Otherwise please stop libeling me on my own blog. I have told you before that I will not tolerate this.

      Now this use of the “false opinion” phrase is intereting. What is that? My opinions are just that, my opinions. If you disagree with them, good for you, but that doesn’t make them false. You are prone to using your dictionary when you comment, please look up “false opinions” and let us know what in the world you are talking about.

      1. I think they don’t send you information is both because they don’t trust you to be fair (you are known to be a very biased blogger to say the least), and because they don’t want to be associated with you (even your favored candidates say that). So don’t expect to be a player in this election. You have burnt your bridges and no one is coming back to hear your side. Sad….

        1. Biased blogger? Isn’t that the point of blogging? These are my opinions.

          The rest of your comment is hilarious as I am working with five campaigns.

  4. False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.
    Maistre, Joseph De

    This quote is about opinions · Search on Google Books to find all references and sources for this quotation.

    false opinions are formed in this manner:

    Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy:
    method of doubt

    Home > Library > History, Politics & Society > Philosophy Dictionary

    Sometimes known as the use of hyperbolic (extreme) doubt, or Cartesian doubt. This is the method of investigating the extent of knowledge and its basis in reason or experience used by Descartes in the first two Meditations. It attempts to put knowledge upon a secure foundation by first inviting us to suspend judgement on any proposition whose truth can be doubted, even as a bare possibility. The standards of acceptance are gradually raised as we are asked to doubt the deliverance of memory, the senses, and even reason, all of which are in principle capable of letting us down. The process is eventually dramatized in the figure of the evil demon, or malin génie, whose aim is to deceive us, so that our senses, memories, and reasonings lead us astray. The task then becomes one of finding a demon-proof point of certainty, and Descartes produces this in the famous ‘Cogito ergo sum’: I think therefore I am. It is on this slender basis that the correct use of our faculties has to be re-established, but it seems as though Descartes has denied himself any materials to use in reconstructing the edifice of knowledge. He has a basis, but no way of building on it without invoking principles that will not be demon-proof, and so will not meet the standards he has apparently set himself. It is possible to interpret him as using ‘clear and distinct ideas’ to prove the existence of God, whose benevolence then justifies our use of clear and distinct ideas (‘God is no deceiver’): this is the notorious Cartesian circle. Descartes’s own attitude to this problem is not quite clear: at times he seems more concerned with providing a stable body of knowledge that our natural faculties will endorse, rather than one that meets the more severe standards with which he starts out. For example, in the second set of Replies he shrugs off the possibility of ‘absolute falsity’ of our natural system of belief, in favour of our right to retain ‘any conviction so firm that it is quite incapable of being destroyed’. The need to add such natural belief to anything certified by reason is eventually the cornerstone of Hume’s philosophy, and the basis of most 20th-century reactions to the method of doubt. See also naturalized

    Read more:

    1. That was a terrible waste of far too many words. Look if you disagree with me on something that is fine. I love nothing better than to debate the issues but this “false opinion” nonsense is exactly that – nonsense. Kindly refrain from this BS and stick to the issues please.

      BTW, it is high comedy that you are crying about Prop. 187 while you remain a registered Republican.

  5. A opinion false or other wise spoken away from a media source is just that an opinion.

    When the opinion is presented as a false opinion via media to influence it is propaganda.

    PropagandaFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    This article is about the form of communication. For other uses, see Propaganda (disambiguation).

    Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. Propaganda is usually repeated and dispersed over a wide variety of media in order to create the chosen result in audience attitudes.

    As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda, in its most basic sense, presents information primarily to influence an audience. Propaganda often presents facts selectively (thus possibly lying by omission) to encourage a particular synthesis, or uses loaded messages to produce an emotional rather than rational response to the information presented. The desired result is a change of the attitude toward the subject in the target audience to further a political or religious agenda. Propaganda can be used as a form of political warfare.

    1. You sir are acting as the main Benavides propagandist and you dare finger me for this? Amazing.

      Blogs are about opinion. Newspapers handle news. I try to cite sources when I can but look at my record over the years. You will find that 99% of the time I am spot on.

      I was right about Carlos Bustamante and I am right about his pal David Benavides…

  6. Art, Someone with the time may be able to connect the dots.

    “,,,and ordered expansion of the initial proceedings against Ernesto Morant Lijeron, Pedro Perey González Monasterio, Elías Moreno Caballero, Juan Antonio Elio Rivero and Justo Sarmiento Alanes on charges of murder, under Article 252 of the Criminal Code, to include the cases of Rainer Ibsen Cárdenas and his father José Luis Ibsen Peña.”

  7. Editor wrote:

    “You are prone to using your dictionary when you comment, please look up “false opinions” and let us know what in the world you are talking about.”


    I am not crying about Prop 187. I stated Pulido’s position on Mexican Immigrants to answer your position……as you wrote it aboe.

    ” Many of these immigrants have, like Pulido and Alvarez, become citizens but they continue to value their culture and heritage.

    Benavides, on the other hand, and his number one Council ally, Michele Martinez, were born here.”

    1. LOL! I did ask for it didn’t I? Who knew your dictionary was so abstruse?

      Pulido joined his colleages last year in condemning the racist anti-immigrant SB 1070 law advanced by YOUR political party, the Republicans. He is solid on immigration.

    1. Sorry Dr. Lomeli. I already told you that I will post Benavides’ press releases and op-eds. I will not however play host to his propaganda. You can either a) post that somewhere else, or b) start your own blog. If the latter I suggest you start with YouTube and search for “WordPress Blogs.” There are many free video tutorials to be found there.

    1. Good for you Dr. Now are you going to ask Benavides to send me his press releases? Sarmiento’s campaign just did and I am posting it right away.

      I would be happy to post Benavides’ op-eds too, if he has any, which I doubt.

  8. Holy Moly.

    The dentist is on a rampage trying to drill everyone’s head with his point of view when he should be drilling teeth instead.

    He’s been on this blog so much this afternoon it appears he doesn’t have any clients left.

  9. I am going to try and be respectful, as I had never heard of Dr. Art Lomeli a month ago, so I did some research, I asked some community members, my neighbors and friends.

    Generally speaking, the answer was he’s a harmless old man, who runs an aging dental practice in Downtown Santa Ana, his motives pure.

    NOW, let’s get real. Dr. Lomeli is a resident of Orange. he lives in the same affluent neighborhood taht Matt “Jubal” Cunninghams parents do.

    This guy has about as much in common with the voters of Santa Ana as Donald Trump.

    I have come to determine he is another puppeteer, in the Benavides campaign, assigned to congest the inevidable negative blog traffic surrounding Benavides campaign.

    He has yet to address the now well publicized affair, pull a Stanley Fiala move and shut this agent down.

    Why would a guy who doesn’t live her be so interested?

    This is a red herring.

  10. I have learned a lot about Roman Reyna and his ilk recently.

    Roman has a 12th grade education, barely a high school graduate, his transcripts show a 2.1 GPA.

    He has little or no experience and was FIRED from the YMCA according to his co-workers.

    WE NEED UCLA GRADUATES to come back and serve. We need technical school graduates who have built their future. Not losers like Roman.

    But, he and David teamed up a long time ago, with the help of Jenifer Delson and the OCEA to put them in charge of the city’s payroll.

    Emily Benavides is close to talking, so is Benavide’s latest mistress.

    Halloween week will be exciting and disappointing for his supporters!

    1. And Benavides and Reyna are being mentored by John Palacio, who got fired by the City of Santa Ana many years ago. He also helped Nativo Lopez to take over the SAUSD, where they doled out contracts like Halloween candy, to their pals.

      These guys stink and we need to make sure they all lose on Nov. 6!

    2. I work at the YMCA, I can testify that the above is false. Tss, sad when you have to start making up facts to make you sound like Sherlock Holmes.

  11. Somebody should ask Roman Retna for his high school transcripts.

    He is not academicaly qualified to serve.

    Roman can barely read, his math and analytical skills are nonexistent.

    Scary, that he has fooled so many for so long.

  12. East L.A. Politics is not what we need in Santa Ana. Voters know what an out of town take over looks and feels like and will reject them all.

  13. Actually, the similarities between Benavides, Bustamonte and Reyna and the EAST LA boys is stunning.

    Womanizing, misapropriation of funds, backroom politics, Gang affiliations, Homosexuality.

    Antonio, Perez, Nunez, Throw an overwieght female probation officer in the mix and we have a Gloria Molina.

  14. Nice old school video.

    Every campaign needs a song and I’m not sure why Sarmiento, Benavides and company have not used “Born in East L.A” as their campaign theme song?

  15. Council majority has publicly stated they no not wish to work with Pulido. So they have supported their choices .

    – Benavides
    – Reyna
    – Amezcua

    This blog has the objective to as Pedroza says ” rip ” Benavides and supporters of Benavides…….the other candidates listed above .

    These candidates purceive this as a directive from the Pulido campaign. Perception is a strong motivator.

    The wish not to work with Pulido is now much more intense with this perception. This blog is severly affecting this perception and Pulido’s ability to have a working relationship if he is elected.

    This blog is in fact damaging Pulido if he gets elected. Imagine these candidates getting ripped now , elected in November, Benavides still a councilman and perceiving this ripping from New Santa Ana Blog is orchestrated by Pulido and then having Pulido ask them to see issues his way.

    Pulido will be a lamb in a den of wolves.

    1. You’re getting talking points from your boys but they’re not telling you what is really going on.

      By the way why aren’t these guys helping Sal’s sister?

      1. OK. So you claim I am the only Benavides defender and you label yourself as ripping Benavides at any opportunity and at the same time you claim you have their real campaign and lack of it and I have no idea because they confide in you and not in me????????

        They are helping Sal’s sister. …….see , you don’t know the campaign.

          1. Hasn’t asked me for a fundraiser . Have recently donated to her campaign. She tells me her campaign is going strong and appreciates the majority council support.

  16. I’d like to see Chicano studies required in all Santa Ana schools, like at Cal State L.A. and other colleges.
    Whene we get our East L.A. Team voted on to the council and Tinajero’s sister on the school board we can make sure our community voice is heard and our history known.

  17. How can there be an overall “Majority”, when each vote is independently conducted.

    Who is behind this supposed “majority” have the canidates colluded to vote a certain way???

    What if they want to allow open gay sex on the streets?

    Would Benavides be forced to go along?

    What if Martinez decided crack sales were good for her ward, would vince support that as part of the “majority”?

    Suppose David wanted to rename Main Street “JESUS CHRIST” Blvd?

    Would Vince, Michelle and Carlos’ replacement be forced to support it because they are part of the majority?
    What kind of talk is this?

    Who is Lomeli? is he part of this majority.

    1. Fact is they ……..the council majority is already in office ……..and they have not done what you fear.

      1. They’ve endorsed every tax increase on the November ballot. And passed an anti development ordinance. Just what you might expect… In East Los Angeles!

        1. It is what their constituents asked them to do. They were elected to act in the best interests of their constituents.


          1. That is a lie. It is what a handful of whack jobs asked them to do. Most people in town don’t want higher taxes and certainly don’t want to stop development a d kill jobs.

            And this most definitely doesn’t happen elsewhere in Orange County.

          2. OK so all the groups attending council meetings on these issues are whack jobs??

            Where were most of these residents you mention that apposed these issues ? They were not at the council meetings addressing their issues to the council.

          3. Surely you must be kidding. You really think the SaCRED mob represents the people at large in our city? LOL! You are delusional as usual.

  18. “Pulido will be a lamb in a den of wolves.”

    Art, Check out the East L.A. style threats. Pulido is not afraid of these thugs and their threats. We are in Orange County, not East L.A.

  19. This kind of government ONLY helps people like Lomeli, who strive to take advantage of the underclass, while sitting in his mansion in Orange.

    While his daughters attend Homecoming dances in $1,000 dresses, in limos at Villa Park High School, he overcharges people with bad teeth.

    It’s disgusting the way this 1% manipulator takes advantage of families in Santa Ana.

    Of course he wants Benavides and Renya to win, there are 450,000 impoverished patients.

    GO AHEAD DOC, Continue to rip off the poor.

  20. Hey Lomeli,

    I just heard that the kid who killed a guy in South Santa Ana last night was coming from Benavides event:

    So we know that in a ddition to GREEDY Orange Doctors, Stupid kids support him.

    Why no word from Benavides on this “Loyal” supporter?

    Why hasn’t a single civic booster stood up for these losers. Instead we get “DREAMER KIDS” who are drinking the kool-aid.

    If Roman Renya is an example, were in big trouble doc.

  21. Lomeli,

    Did you attend the Reyna fundraiser in Anaheim Friday night?

    I heard there were 2 donors, 23 kids.

    I wonder what kind of man would allow his CHILDREN to attend an event with the likes of Roman and David given their history. These predatory animals have no place around young women…….unless you are OLD SCHOOL MEXICAN looking for your daughter to find a good man, like a Mayor.

    The picture is being painted. it all makes sense now.

    1. Once again Sherlock Holmes, get your facts straight. I was at that event and was in charge of check in. Other than the kids who lived in the house who were somewhere isolated from the event, it was attended by supporters and donors……adult supporters and donors just to clarify before you try to piece things together and determine that one of the “kids” at the event started the war in Afghan.

  22. What’s wrong with a group of Chicano Activists(Benavides/Sarmiento and friends) taking control of a city council that has lost or never had it’s own Chicano roots? East L.A. gets a bad rap in the news but it’s actually a really nice place to live and work. Santa Ana could do a lot worse than becoming more like East L.A. Some of your posters disrespected Nativo Lopez but he too understood the good that comes from East Los Angeles.

  23. Some would disagree with you Mateo.
    According to Dennis Lluy of Koo’s Cafe and owner of the Yost Theater/Concert hall and his Partner Don Cribb of my neighborhood, Graffiti is art and must be respected and encouraged.

  24. Art, Why are we seeing brother against brother in our community like Benavides against Pulido? Reminds me of a scene in “American Me” (No not THAT scene) This one:

  25. Seems like this political infighting amoung Latinos is a waste of resources better spent fighting for our community. Benavides and Pulido should be working together? There is no need for the political infighting. Why doesn’t LULAC step in and put its
    motto into action?

  26. I was stunned to OC today, that Joe Hill of the Liberal OC is looking into the sex allegations against David Benavides.

    I wondered why nobody wanted to ask this question. This Joe Hill fella is do a great service for Santa Ana voters.

    Now we’ll see if David even bothers answering the questions.

    He owes us that much!

    We don’t need another Carlos Bustamonte monger!

    1. Cruz,

      I don’t disagree that change is good.

      But, change for the sake of change is foolish.

      Is David Benavides the guy to lead the city forward? It took a lot of mettle to get Santa Ana where it is today.

      A guy who abandoned his family for a hotter, younger woman, because he couldn’t control his desires is not the guy I won’t representing us against the POWERFUL PUBLIC EMPLOYEE UNIONS.

      We need mature, proven leadership, not a bought off whoremonger.

    1. Admin,

      There is NO LINK.

      In fact I am doubtful that Joe Hill even exists as a human (wouldn’t that be something…Dan and Chris Lying about who they are)!

      But, this brings to question why NO ONE except you is asking about this.

      Hopefully Joe Hill is real and will garner a response from canidatite Benavides.

      Here’s the deal: David obviously reads this and every other political blog. If the rumors were false, ANY PART of them, why wouldn’t he refute them.

      If they are totally FALSE as Lomeli claims, why would he not defend his families good name?

      If he is afraid to protect his wife and kids, what can the people of Santa Ana expect?

  27. “Benavides is already leading the city along with his fellow councilmembers.”

    You call this leadership? What changes can they point to? Sure they kinda sorta in the 11th hour approved a watered down version of the Anaheim agitators ‘sacred” mumbo jumbo but what else? Tell us what else they have done with 4 votes? Nothing. Who can point to 3 things that are their “vision” for Santa Ana?


  28. Art,
    If Benavides was a kid in school and the campaign was his final report, he would get an F-.

    Yesterday his FIRST piece of mail hit a few mail boxes but not mine. (4 voters in our household who have voted every election for the last 8 elections)

    I have never seen such a half-hearted Mayoral effort in my entire life. George Collins is at least campaigning and I predict Collins will finish second behind Pulido.

    I understand Benavides has personal problems and all but why the heck would he run for Mayor knowing what was going on in his life? Why didn’t Tinajero man up and take him on? These are all questions that must be answered when all is said and done.

    Also, going forward…Let’s count how many times Sarmiento uses the “attorney–client privilege” excuse to not disclose information now that he so bravely voted for PARTS of the SACRED items. I predict he will hide behind it time and time again. You gotta love Lawyers!

  29. Big Bambu,

    The question was leadership. The voters of Santa Ana elected Benavides to a leadership position on the council………… he is a leader.

    You want voting history on issues. Research the council minutes to see the voting blocks.

    You want campaign vision objectives …… the Benavides campaign office or better call Benavides. Don’t be lazy and negative.

        1. That is a lie. Pulido has always had opponents. But Benavides didn’t have one two years ago so no, he was not chosen for leadership. The voters had no choice. Rest assured that he will be opposed in two years.

          1. Besides Martinez and Amezcua who else? You have said that these two were never real challengers. You think different now?

          2. So Stanley Fiala and Thomas Gordon were challengers that required Pulido to campaign………no ,that did not happen. Same as having no challengers. So……what is your point again?

          3. Those guys did a heck of a lot better when they ran than you did when you ran for the Rancho Board.

            And I don’t expect Benavides to do much better this time.

          4. Yeah I did as well as you when you ran for SAUSD board and Council. We should stay away from these endeavors and allow better candidates , like Benavides, do the job hah?

          5. I remember I believe I supported your campaign as you supported mine. I did not run a campaign nor had a budget. Was basically a run to show Hispanics could get votes in the Orange Park Acres, Anaheim hills area without running a campaign. I was busy then as Michele Martinez’s for Mayor campaign manager .

  30. Hey Lomeli,

    Didn’t you get the memo?

    David has asked his supporters to stand down in front of next weeks revealations.

    I actually, think that David is feeling some remorse. Perhaps thats a good thing for Santa Ana voters.

    But, If you did not get the EMAIL asking supporters to “ignore” these charges, with no denial, you have to wonder how tight you are with the self described “STUD”.

  31. F.Y.I. Alicia does not live in “Fullerton”

    Carpetbagger once claimed to live in “West Floral Park”

    Most importantly, Joe Hill was probably named after the famed depression era Socialist Activist, American Hero, Joe Hill who was a member of the IWW. Participated in the San Pedro Dock Worker’s Strike, Was most likely framed in a murder scenario and had a funeral with 30,000 attendees. Pete Seger and Joan Baez have songs written about him, and the Orange County master “Social Realist” painter, favorite Chicano son Emigdio Vasquez has paintings that he did of him. Can’t wait to show some of those paintings again in the Artists Village. In the mean time, let us leave you with this…

    1. Matt,

      I do live in WFP. For too long now. I want to move to Ventura once the last kid is gone for good.

      You could be right about Joe Hill, but thats giving those two vain idiots too much credit. I believe it to be Steven King’s son who is a comic book author and horror film affeciando.

      I doubt either Dan or Chris has the intlectual capacity to understand or appreciate the Joe hill you mention. In fact, I bet Dan’s first thought was when he read that was: “Is that the guy who sang Night Moves”?

      But, I digress.

      Has Art Lomeli evenbothered asking David benavide’s if he cheated???

      What does that tell you?

  32. And now, New Santa Ana presents:

    From it’s “Modern American Heroes”
    History Lecture Series,

    “True Blue” The real story of “Joe Hill”
    lyrics by Pete Seeger.

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