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A female Lyft driver was violently attacked over a parking spot in Santa Ana and the onslaught was captured on camera, at the Arco gas station located near the intersection of Main Street and MacArthur Boulevard at about 11 a.m. on Friday, according to ABC News.

The incident began with an argument over a parking space. The victim, Terri, told ABC News that she was confronted by a man who complained about how she had parked at the gas station.

Terri had parked her car a little crooked but did not realize it at the time. The man, who was not identified but was captured on video, came to her car and started yelling at her. Terri, who was driving a passenger at the time, apologized and moved her car. But the man kept on yelling so the Lyft passenger went into the gas station to get help. That is when Terri began to videotape the man with her cell phone.

In the video the suspect can be seen reversing a red two-door Honda into the parking space next to Terri. Terri then said “This guy is really starting problems,” as can be heard in the recording.

The suspect did not like the fact that he was being recorded. “You want to tape me” he asked then “Are you videoing me?” Then the man flipped out and punched Terri, throwing her to the ground as she begged him to stop. He punched her several times and even knocked out one of her teeth.

Terri had no idea why the man became so violent and attacked her.

The SAPD is investigating the attack and looking into surveillance video filmed by the gas station.

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