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Lame Lou Correa Mailer

I have read comments on Facebook by supporters of Lou Correa that are openly blaming the voters in Santa Ana for Correa’s loss to Andrew Do in the First District Special Election.  That is ridiculous.

There are a lot of reasons why people might not vote.  You have to know, going into a Special Election, that the turnout will be low to begin with.  But Latino voters in Santa Ana already were prone to not voting – they did the same thing in November when Jose Solorio lost to Janet Nguyen in the 34th State Senate election – which led to her abandoning the First District.

Andrew Do Resigns

Nguyen’s henchman Do beat Correa in great part because Correa’s campaign never once sent out a mailer reminding the voters that Do quit the Garden Grove City Council in 2011.  The Vietnamese people, in particular, are not fond of quitters and Correa really needed to remind them that Do left when they needed him the most.  This was a huge mistake by Correa – and now his supporters are saying that attacks were beneath him.  That is so lame.

It is true that politicians prevail when they give us hope but you can’t let your enemy decide the terms of the battle.  If you have dirt that can destroy him you have to use it.  This isn’t the Little League.  There is no ribbon for the runner-up.  Correa lost and now he is finished in politics and it is his own damn fault.

O.C. Homeless

Correa’s handlers also forgot that “all politics are local.”  What was the huge issue in Santa Ana over the past six months?  The residents on the East Side were furious that Nguyen and her fellow Orange County Supervisors were trying to put a homeless shelter right in the middle of a poor Latino neighborhood, surrounded by schools and parks.  It was an insane thing to do – but Correa blew it by not capitalizing on the issue by sending out a mailer saying he would NEVER allow Do to put a homeless shelter in one of our neighborhoods.

Santa Ana Gangs

Correa’s campaign inexplicably focused on public safety – even though every single city in the First District has their own city police department – they don’t use the Orange County Sheriff’s services.  Yes crime is an issue, particularly in Santa Ana, but NOTHING in C0rrea’s mailers even remotely hinted at any new ideas or approaches by Correa.  It was a cookie-cutter campaign – a lot like Solorio’s.  Do these people never learn?

Andrew Do is ready to serve white people

I also believe that Correa failed to sufficiently target white voters – while Do went after them with gusto.  They are a minority in the First District but they vote.  And I don’t think they voted for Correa.  Certainly the Republican ones went with Do, who had the support of both the CA and the OC GOP.

While some liberals in Santa Ana are defending the gangs most of us hate the gangs and Correa should have taken a tough stand on this issue – perhaps even defending the use of gang injunctions.  That would have cost him some votes on the far left but garnered support from the families in our city who are tired of gang violence in our city.

Greg Diamond for Julio Perez

Speaking of liberals, Correa was betrayed by one of them, local blogger Greg Diamond.  When the Democratic Party of Orange County got together to endorse Correa, Diamond was the only Central Committee member who withheld his endorsement.  And Diamond went on to openly support a Republican in the race – Garden Grove Councilman Chris Phan.

Liberals have complained for years that Correa is not liberal enough.  Well congratulations morons – you are now represented by Do, a Republican who will continue Nguyen’s legacy of ignoring Santa Ana.

Miguel Pulido Viet Support

I heard that Do put a lot of focus into getting out the vote – including working with the local Buddhist temples to ensure their parishioners voted for him.  There was a three-way Viet vote split but Do prevailed because he found a way to get the vote out.

Did Correa’s campaign do enough to get out the vote?  He was the only Democrat in the race.  The only other Latino on the ballot was the Mexican-hating Mexican Lupe Moreno.  She only got a handful of votes.  Correa should have won easily but you have to wonder if his people dropped the ball at the eleventh hour.

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13 thoughts on “Why Lou Correa lost to Andrew Do in the First District Special Election”
  1. Lou is no Solorio. Solorio was beaten to a pulp because he is an empty suit. Lou ran a great campagin that started with someone inserting 2 fake Viet candidates into the race. Going after Do, who had zero name recognition, wasn’t going to help Lou. It would only serve to increase Do’s name recognition. Lou lost b/c of the low turnout and high Republican voter registration. Now Lou has to find employment which will be harder than winning the race he just lost.

  2. Who cares about your stupid logical analysis!

    This is happening all over the USA that local republicans are winning.

    It is unintended consequence of the Obamaism which is finely trickling to most leftist state.

    It is just beginning because it is first year of the Obama Care enforcement including penalties and 30 hours work week.

    The Obama’s unlawful immigration executive order will hurt Latinos an you Pedroza big time.


  3. That’s an easy answer. Duh…Because of Alex Flores. LOL! Now both them are unemployed! LMAO! Na na na hey, hey good bye! LOL!

  4. Say what you want. Lou never had a fighting chance even with 2 other Viets pulling votes from Do. Lou, like Jose Solorio, have probably figured out their next elected office already because neither is going to earn an honest paycheck. It should be a dog fight in the next Santa Ana mayoral election.

  5. At least you are not blaming those “sneaky cheating Vietnamese” for Lou’s defeat as are Diamond and Nelson on the OJB.

  6. This was Do’s campaign to lose. He was not clever. And, Miguel is only safe if he faces multiple opponents (like Solorio, Correa, Tinajero). If it’s a one on one between miguel & someone else, Miguel loses.

    1. With all due respect Miguel has wrecked every opponent. Unless you can draft a better opponent he will keep winning. Correa lacks the guts to challenge him and after this debacle won’t be able to raise money.

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