Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

Voice of OC Editor in Chief Norberto Santana got caught on video this week confusing Santa Ana temp City Manager Kevin O’Rourke with California Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy!  Check out the video above.

Norberto was blowing a gasket about the mess in Santa Ana, and admitted that his friends on the City Council are to blame for wasting time going after Paul Walters, our former City Manager. He explains that this is why they blew their own deadline regarding the city budget deliberations.

Listen carefully as Norberto pontificates.  He says “um” about as much as Council Member Michele Martinez.  And in between his segments he has a strange pout on his face.

I pretty much lost respect for this guy when he attacked Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido’s kids during last year’s mayoral campaign.  Norberto ran a story that he knew to be false – that the LA Times and OC Register declined to cover.  I can not forgive him for that.  It was the ultimate low blow and certainly not what I would expect from a “real” journalist.

That he cannot figure out the difference between our overpaid temp city manager and a Republican Congressman is pretty funny.  That this is now captured forever on YouTube is priceless!

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2 thoughts on “Voice of OC editor confuses our temp city manager with a GOP Congressman”

    Noberto is a paid shill for the union machine.

    Santana is a average to mediocre reporter, who sold out when the “powers” needed a mouthpiece. This guy about as familiar with Santa Ana as his Irvine blogger friends. Remember when he “Opined” that too many proclamations were being awarded. I guess he was foreshadowing PAYAN X.

    Read more about the “machine: that powers his “Non-Profit” news outfit here:

    Or Here:

    There is some juicy stuff here. I was a HUGE Joe Dunn supporter and I suppose we should be happy that he realized the REAL money in politics was on the other side (Lobbyist) and not an elected official. The more I see and the older I get, I realize these guys are simply bag men for the Public Employee Unions.

    Of course, I’ll be accused of Being YOU, and you Leslie Brodie and that whole drivel.

    Let’s see what the real SPRING of 2013 will bring to the people of Santa Ana.

  2. Hey Admin.

    With all her workouts at “GOLDS GYM” and working the PAYAN X scam why hasn’t Michele any thinner?? I know this comment is vain, but Dan made a issue out of her hairstyle and body shape, so I wonder why Michele’s HIPS and Easter Dress is not fodder?

    It’s all cool.

    But next on the agenda:

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