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Three candidates appear to be in the running at this point to become Interim Santa Ana City Manager, including SAPD Chief Paul Walters; Parks and Rec Director Gerardo Mouet; and Jan Perkins, a contractor.

It also appears that one of them will become the first Assistant Santa Ana City Manager.

All of these candidates have something to offer.  Mouet has really proven himself as an administrator while slashing his agency budget and still managing to increase service to the public.

Walters did a fine job overseeing the construction of the SAPD headquarters and jail a few years ago.  Like Mouet he has become an expert at making do with a smaller budget.

I don’t know Perkins, but as a contractor she can be fired at any time, which might appeal to the Santa Ana City Council.

Mouet appears to have the blessing of recently retired Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream, who is now a consultant to the City.

If Walters is selected, it will be interesting to see who takes over as the new Chief of the SAPD.  His current assistant is Carlos Rojas, who might well become the first Latino SAPD Chief.

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

6 thoughts on “Update: who will succeed Dave Ream as Santa Ana City Manager?”
  1. Get the manager from Pittsburgh, that person make 75,000 a year so even at twice the price, it would cost half the current cost.

    Or not hire anyone and the council make all of the decisions. reorganize.

  2. Obama! the perfect symbol for fake progressive, status quo, kiss the current system boo tay! Hoo Ra!

  3. Obviously you are misinform on submitted applications for the job!.

    Here is a copy of mine:

    ——– Original Message ——–
    Subject: Stanislav Fiala is asking: Should I manage the city?
    Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 14:17:24 -0700
    From: Standa
    To: Pulido, Miguel , Benavides, David , Martinez, Michele , Alvarez, Claudia , Bustamante, Carlos , Tinajero, Sal , Sarmiento, Vincent
    CC: Walters, Paul , Harrelson, Anthony , McGeachy, Douglas


    By way of this email, I Stanislav Fiala am submitting my RESUME for city manager.

    It humbly states: I am the best man for the job. [emphases added]

    First year is pro bono, next year is negotiable!

    The question is: Do you want to be number one city in the Orange county and beyond?…… Huh?

    Call me at 714-979-6966 for interview date.

    Aspiring Santa Ana Manager.

    -Stanislav Fiala

  4. All three are terrible choices….making the police chief the city manager is an awful idea. He knows how to fight crime and little else. Gerardo is a lightweight who has spent the last 15 years kissing asses while managing to alienate his staff and most city employees. He’s socially retarded and his only talent seems to be coddling politicians. I think you’d be better off hiring the king of all douchebags, Stanley Fiala as city manager. After all, Santa Ana is a fetid cesspool on the verge of bankruptcy…what is there really to manage?

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