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Santa Ana Gang Shooting

A Santa Ana man was shot at but not hit while standing in front of his home Friday evening at around 8 p.m. at the 1300 block of Third Street, in a possible gang-related attack, according to the O.C. Register.

SAPD police officers found video surveillance footage from nearby Herperian and Third streets that showed four men, who were standing on a corner firing the shots.

No one was arrested as the suspects took off.  This incident happened in Santa Ana’s Ward 1, which is represented by Mayor Pro Tem Vince Sarmiento.

There was a second shooting in Santa Ana on Friday when a man waiting at a bus stop was shot once in the shoulder in the afternoon, at around 2:10, according to the O.C. Register.

The man was at the northeast corner of Flower and First streets, near Martin R. Heninger Elementary and Santa Ana High schools, when he was shot and immediately felt a pain in one of his shoulders.

Police say this shooting was not gang related. This incident happened in Santa Ana’s Ward 2, which is represented by Councilwoman Michele Martinez.

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8 thoughts on “Two more shootings went down in Santa Ana on Friday”
  1. Must be 1300 block of west 3rd St. – you must mean Hesperian and 3rd St. – that would be Ward 5.

  2. Orale, isn’t every shooting “a possible gang-related attack”? Bangers do not GAF whose ward it is if you see the enemy you handle. “ey holmes but isnt this that vato vinny’s ward?” “simon ese lets wait for him to cross 3rd street before we drive by and blast” hahahaha You guys can argue about whose ward it is because that’s whats important here haha.

      1. I did but thats the SAUSD education you see shining through haha so yea i guess you are right.

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