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The State of California legalized lowriders this year but the SAPD is still in a snit about the many lowrider fans who converge on the City of Santa Ana every year on Easter Sunday. So this year they are saying that they are cracking down on unpermmitted events, and are not mentioning the lowriders.

The SAPD police officers likely rack up major overtime by working on Easter Sunday. They are not likely to want to stop that! Unfortunately for local residents the ensuing street closures are a real hassle and a nuisance as our families are trying to congregate for Easter meals.

Here is the SAPD news release:

The Santa Ana Police Department will conduct a large-scale unpermitted event enforcement operation from evening to late night hours on Easter Sunday, March 31, 2024.

In years past, the City of Santa Ana has contended with large crowds, congested roadways, criminal activity, and quality of life issues that affect our residents, businesses, and visitors. Road closures, lane restrictions, and extra patrol officers will help the Santa Ana Police Department to maintain the smooth and safe flow of traffic throughout the city, ensure efficient and safe emergency vehicular traffic responding to emergencies, and provide adequate security for code-violation enforcement by Code Enforcement.

A zero-tolerance approach to enforcing the rules of the road, along with lane restrictions and road closures, will be in effect in the following areas:

  • Bristol Street from 17th Street to Callen’s Common
  • Main Street from 17th Street to Dyer Road
  • Edinger Avenue from Main Street to Raitt Street
  • Harbor Boulevard between Westminster Avenue and Edinger Avenue.

Minor traffic delays are expected by anyone who does not avoid the targeted areas. If you see unpermitted events starting, vehicles creating traffic congestion, or suspected criminal activity, we request that you call 714-834-4211 (or 9-1-1 if it is an emergency).

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One thought on “The SAPD will crack down on lowriders again on Easter Sunday but can’t admit to that”
  1. I’ma resident in the mid city block and it’s a complete mess inside those streets right now and is causing unsafe situations with people getting dead ended, or who are moving the barriers. It’s ridiculous the way they have done the closures this year.

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