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Santa Ana PD 06/23/2021 Most Wanted Wednesday suspect Daniel James Ramirez (31) has been taken into custody.

On 05/28/2021, Daniel Ramirez was involved in a verbal argument with a victim. The argument escalated into a physical altercation where Ramirez kicked the victim several times causing him to lose consciousness then, stabbed him multiple times.

Ramirez is on active probation and has several prior arrests for various weapon violations.

Suspect Description: Male, Hispanic, 6’02” tall, 213 lbs., shaved head and hazel eyes.

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5 thoughts on “The SAPD has arrested assault suspect Daniel Ramirez”
  1. F*cking p*ssy. Stabbing someone after they’ve lost consciousness? F*cking gang member coward p*ssy waste of life pieces of sh*t.

  2. He was not on active probation, does not have several weapons priors, and turned himself in… get your facts straight before tarnishing this man

  3. It’s ur job at the news to broadcast facts so don’t pass blame on santa ana p.d when ur more at fault than anybody for slandering this man. Like he isn’t already in enough trouble……

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