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The voters in Santa Ana unfortunately approved a 700% pay raise for our City Council last night as Measure PP passed with over 67% of the vote.

However the man that this measure was designed to benefit, high school dropout and Councilman Roman Reyna, got the boot as he lost to Juan Villegas, a member of the O.C. Sheriff’s Department for over 25 years.

 Santa Ana City Councilman Juan Villegas
Santa Ana City Councilman Juan Villegas

We have to wonder what sort of job Reyna is now qualified to do? Perhaps his buddy Councilman David Benavides can hire him to run checkers games at Kidworks?

Congratulations to Councilman-Elect Villegas!

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4 thoughts on “The Santa Ana voters passed a 700% pay raise for the City Council but Reyna got fired”
  1. So long Roman! Sorry you won’t get to enjoy that raise you wanted so badly.

    Congrats Juan!!!

  2. So what kind of job prospects does a High School Drop Out, Former Gang Member, with little or NO English skills have………aide to Lou Correa (He said NO)……..OCDE (Done that failed….) Roman, a manager at Panda Express makes $60K a year, go get a degree and get a job!

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