Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

City of Santa Ana

Community Alert: The City of Santa Ana Considers New Food Vending Vehicle Ordinance

SANTA ANA – Last month, the Santa Ana City Council was presented with a new food vending vehicle ordinance that provides fair, legal and enforceable guidelines for mobile food vendors. The proposed ordinance, which adheres to all applicable state and local laws, is not intended to be punitive, but to protect the health and safety of residents.

The issue of regulating food vending vehicles had initially come before the City Council and staff when the City had received complaints from the public, primarily from secondary impacts to food vending vehicles. And while the City had previously enacted food vending vehicle regulations, those ordinances were legally challenged. The City was ordered by a Superior Court judge not to enforce provisions of the existing food vending vehicle regulations. The proposed ordinance, which does not conflict with state or local laws, was prepared based on health and safety findings. Further, to ensure an effective approach to regulating food vending vehicles, the City took into consideration input from the community, including both residents and stakeholders.

Some of the regulations set forth in the proposed food vending vehicle ordinance include the following:

• Allows for vending on private property through a land use certificate and/or special event permit
• Prohibits vending within 100 feet of a crosswalk.
• Prohibits vending on main arterials
• Prohibits items in the public right-of-way, such as tables and chairs
• Prohibits vending within 500 feet from a school, park, community center, or public playground
• Prohibits additional lighting, signs, or amplified sound
• Requires vending vehicles to be equipped with refuse containers within a 50-foot radius

These regulations are consistent with state and local public health and safety regulations, including the California Vehicle Code, the Health and Safety Code, and the County of Orange Health Care Agency’s requirements.

“The City’s intent is to provide clear and concise regulations with regard to food vending vehicles to ensure public safety and prevent traffic hazards, preserve the peace, and safeguard the welfare of the community”, said Alvaro Nuñez, Code Enforcement Manager. “The proposed ordinance does not prohibit mobile vending in Santa Ana; it addresses key public safety issues that have arisen from the community,” he added.

The proposed ordinance and corresponding staff report are available on the City’s website.

For more information about the proposed ordinance, contact Alvaro Nuñez, Code Enforcement Manager, at (714) 647-5871 or

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3 thoughts on “The Santa Ana City Council is still obsessing over food trucks while gangs run amok”
  1. They enacted regulations over a decade ago…..But WHO is going to enforce these regs? The 2 or 3 Code Enforcement officers we have? The police that is busy with shootings and murders? Why have regs that you CAN NOT enforce?

  2. The city makes it difficult for real business (that pay property taxes, rent, etc) to come to the city, but they let these trucks do whatever they want for a $100 business permit….They make our city dirty and look like Tijuana…..

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