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Santa Ana – Santa Ana City Councilwoman Cecilia Iglesias reached out to the project developer, Ryan Ogulnick, to broker a resolution to the impasse at the 2525 N. Main St. luxury apartment development project.

Iglesias has now secured a commitment from Ogulnick to continue his plan to provide parking for the Discovery Cube of Orange County while also using the remaining lot at 2525 N. Main St. to benefit the entire community.

Iglesias commented:

My commitment as your Councilwoman is to put the needs of the community and residents first. My vote for the development at 2525 Main Street was honest as I believed this project would add to the safety and security of this neighborhood. It would also provide the added support to the Discovery Cube. Since my election to the City Council in 2018, I have tried to bring consensus to both sides of the project to ensure a win-win situation. I have communicated with community leaders and Mr. Ogulnik, the owner and developer of 2525, throughout the process. Mr. Ogulnik sincerely wants a benefit to the community with this development.

At the end of January, the residents took a stand to work together and support each other. I commend everyone’s effort. This message has prompted Mr. Ogulnik to reconsider his position on the project. Through continuous communication with Mr. Ogulnik, I am happy to report that he has agreed to continue working with community leaders and residents to ensure that this site becomes something that will benefit Santa Ana residents.

One important takeaway from this project is that it has brought Santa Ana residents together – neighbors supporting neighbors. I would like to encourage the Santa Ana community to continue standing together to do what benefits the entire city. There are issues that we are still facing that need everyone’s support. I ask that we continue working together as a community and put aside political rhetoric and partisan politics. I strongly believe that we are stronger when we work together and united we will ensure the safety and well being of Santa Ana residents.

Ogulnick commented:

My company has worked for more than two years on revisions to the design of the 2525 N. Main Street project. We believed we had reached a compromise when we designed the site to include parking for The Cube and reducing the unit count. That was not the case. We are strong in our legal positions however, we have reached a point in this process that we want to find something that works for all residents of the community.

I want to thank Councilwoman Cecilia Iglesias for her continued leadership in ensuring that we find a solution that will benefit everyone. My understanding is that there is interest by the community and residents in general for additional Park space. We will continue to work with Park Santiago neighbors, the City, community leaders, and The Cube to find a swift solution that will end the dispute over the appropriate land use for this site.

Two local residents also commented on these developments:

Mike Tardif (Ward 3 Resident):

Although this project is not in Councilwoman Iglesias’ ward, I appreciate that she was the only councilmember willing to meet with both parties to try to find consensus.

Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks (Park Santiago Residents):

Although this project can be of benefit to Park Santiago, the reality is our neighborhood has been divided on this issue since its inception. We are pleased that the Ogulnicks continue to find solutions for the site that will benefit Park Santiago, our neighboring communities, and The Cube. We appreciate the leadership of Councilwoman Ceci Iglesias working with Ryan and Jeremy Ogulnick in this effort to create a solution that the entire community can embrace.

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4 thoughts on “The owners of the 2525 N. Main St. site will dedicate the property to serve the entire Santa Ana community”
  1. The Park Santiago neighborhood was never divided, we were always together for a better neighborhood. Designed for a good quality family area not high rise luxury apartments that would not fit the area increase traffic, noise and pollution. The project was turned down 3 times by the planning commission. The developer Ryan push the plan to the City Council 3 times and just past the last meeting by 3 to 4 vote. Park Santiago together with other areas of Santa Ana (grass roots ) gathered more then required signatures to place the referendum on a special election. The last 2 weeks 2 of the City Council man publicly announced they are now online with the residents of Park Santiago and were going to vote with the other 3 council members for now a total vote of 5 against and 2 for the developer Mr Ryan. I am excited about the new plan but realize the developer and councilwoman arrangement was after the fact.

    1. The reality is that the developer had legal ground to keep fighting and the money to pay to win the election. But Councilmember Iglesias was able to bring resolution to this matter while her Council colleagues were bleating on Facebook.

  2. So my question is this, why are the residents going after Iglesias? Why is she the only one facing recall? The vote was 4-3… so what about Penaloza , Solorio, and Sarmiento? The answer, actually has NOTHING to do with this development! The Park Santiago residents are being used as human shields by the Santa Ana Police Officers Association and their President Gerry Serrano! Serrano and the POA needed to shield themselves from public scruitany after spending $400,000 to force a recall that’s going to cost the taxpayers $700,000!
    The city of Santa Ana and it’s residents should be thankful to have someone like Ceci on the city council. Not many people in politics are willing to do what’s right… especially when they know that everyone around them is dirty and has the power and money to come after them! Good job Ceci… you have my support!

    1. Thank you JNS. You are right, it has nothing to do with this vote. Penaloza and Solorio were heavily funded by the Police Union. That is why they are not going after them. This recall is about Greed and Corruption by Gerry Serrano. Please spread the word and let your friends and family members to Vote No on the Recall!!

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