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By: Sara Flores

May 2, 2015 — I am pleased to inform you that a formal recall effort to remove Judge Marc Kelly from the bench has OFFICIALLY begun as of today, May 1st, 2015.

Today, Bryan Scott, Chairman of the Committee to remove Judge Kelly and creator of the Facebook page “Remove M. Marc Kelly From the Bench,” announced that Judge Kelly has been officially served with a recall notice.

The OCRegister reports that Judge Kelly is accused of making “unacceptable and unilateral reductions of criminal sentences or punishments of criminals convicted of heinous sex crimes committed against a minor or child,” according to the notice served to him.

There is no sign that Judge Kelly plans to step down, so it is up to the voters of his county to make their voices heard and forcibly oust him.

Recall Judge Marc Kelly

*** What can you as an individual do to help? ***

IF YOU ARE AN ORANGE COUNTY,CA RESIDENT, go to and sign up for a petition that will be mailed to you. You can also choose to donate to the cause. YOU ARE THE LAST STAND IN THIS EFFORT AND MUST TAKE ACTION. Let Judge Kelly know that there is NO LENIENCY FOR CHILD RAPISTS!

IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE OF ORANGE COUNTY, CA, please go to and donate to the cause. The effort to recall Judge Kelly unfortunately has a very tangible cost. Proceeds will be used directly towards the recall effort. Your money is in good hands.


Friends, your support has been overwhelming and has been heard worldwide! I cannot thank you enough. But more help is needed. Please do not let this honorable mission fail. Reaching into your wallets to help this recall effort – even if it’s just $5—helps immensely. Without financial support, the unfortunate truth is that this effort will fail and Judge Kelly and his lenient sentencing on child predators may occur again in the future.

It is estimated that the collection of each signature from an Orange County resident will cost between $2.50-$5.00 in labor to obtain. While that may sound difficult to achieve, remember that this petition is nearly 80,000 people strong (and growing!) If each person who signed this petition gave $5, the financial costs would be fully covered. Funding is critical. The ONLY official way to make donations online is

***Continue to share***

Please also continue to share this petition on Facebook and other social media platforms.

A YouTube video about the recall effort is available for sharing at:

At least 90,829 verifiable signatures from voters in Orange County, California are required to put Judge Kelly’s recall on an election ballot. Once this occurs, the voters can check a box and kick Judge Kelly to the curb!

I again want to thank you for signing this petition asking for Judge Kelly to step down. Now that it’s clear Judge Kelly will not do so voluntarily, this petition will now change its theme to more accurately reflect the recall effort. I look forward to the day when we can formally “declare victory.”

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