Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

The City of Santa Ana has taken a huge leap forward with their redesigned website.  I am not sure who they hired to do the work but the new site looks terrific.

Kudos to Santa Ana City Manager Paul Walters, our City PIO (Public Information Officer) Jose Gonzalez,  and Mayor Miguel Pulido as well as any and all city staff who were involved in the city’s website redesign.

There is even an “Open Government” page!  Here are the resources you will find there:

Transparency * Accountability * Participation

Welcome to the City of Santa Ana free access to information, budgets, reports and more!  We want you to have easy access to public information available.  The site is regularly being updated so please check back often.

»       City Hall Hours

»       City Council Meeting Schedule

»       Open Calendars ( release date, December 1st, 2012 )

»       Pre-Development Meeting information on major development projects

»       City Council Meeting Agendas and staff reports (96-hour advance notice)

  • Link to Agendas, Minutes and Video archive
  • Live broadcast of City Council meetings on cable TV (CATV3 Government Access, Channel 3) and web-streamed.
  • Agendas may be translated in multiple languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc.

»      RFP’s/RFQ’s & Bids– Request for Proposals; Request for Qualification and Bid information

»      2012/2013 City Budget

»      2012/2013 City Fee Schedule

»      City Salary  (labor contracts included)

»      On-line property information

»      Report crime, graffiti, suspicious persons/activity, and write citizen police reports on-line

»      Request Public Records

»      Santa Ana Municipal Code and Charter

»      Political Reform Act

»      Brown Act

»      Quick Links

»      Help Center

»      On-Line Services Available

»      Inspections

»      Public Information Officer (contact information)

»      City of Santa Ana Sunshine Ordinance

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9 thoughts on “The City of Santa Ana launches a newly redesigned website”
    1. Silly Mateo. Mayor Pulido voted for that too. But he rightfully opposed the other part of the ordinance – the part that will make it more expensive to develop properties in Santa Ana and will ultimately kill jobs in our city.

  1. I know huh? The developers have to whip out a credit card and charge another $600 on their development project to mail out community fliers to announce that they want to build a neighborhood fetish club that promotes molesting teenage choir boys. Feel really sorry for those developers.

    1. It was pretty obvious that the community organizers from Latino Health Access had no idea that they were duped into speaking out in defense of those perverted establishments at the Planning Commission meeting.

  2. The ordinance isn’t only about under 21 year olds and perverts and the like. It covers amplified sound etc. How much does a public event have to pay to sell Alcohol after this thing passes? Maybe it fits right into the agenda of groups that you do not like. Maybe your gay friends at Downtown Inc. will have to pay only half the cost as a neighborhood in central Santaana to host a block party? R u sure that you are arguing for the side that you think you are?

    1. Yes. I read the proposed ordinance. Did you?

      We have the most liquor licenses in the County. This ordinance makes it clear that if you want to serve alcohol then you cannot do so if minors 18 and under are in your venue – unless you sequester them. Ask most families in Santa Ana if they support that.

      The folks that showed up at the Planning Commission meeting don’t represent the families at large in our city, period. They are as out of touch as the losers in Team Benavides who just had their heads handed to them on Nov. 6.

      And no, I don’t support serving alcohol at block parties or any other sort of public drinking in our neighborhoods.

  3. o.k. I guess we are all going to have to join Downtown Inc. now and play on their terms? The police Associations work with them.

    1. Don’t fret about them. The PBID is dead. It is a matter of time before Benavides and Reyna try to bring it back but then Art Lomeli will lose his mind and no one wants that…

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