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OCTA Board Approves Proposed Fare Increases

The OCTA board of directors approve the fare increase that will take effect February 2013

The OCTA board of directors approved a proposed bus fare increase after two months of community outreach and discussion about the measure to help address rising operation costs. The board approved the proposal as a way to ensure the agency’s eligibility for the state funds that primarily support its bus system.

“It is never a good time for a fare increase. Every time you increase the fare, you are hurting someone and I don’t want to discount that because it is a difficult decision,” OCTA CEO Will Kempton said. “We postponed a consideration of a fare increase two years ago because we were in the throes of a recession, but we are looking for ways to do things more efficiently that will provide transit services more cost-effectively to Orange County residents.”

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One thought on “OCTA Board Approves Mega Fare Increase 14-2”
  1. The OCTA should separate their business model into 3 distinct divisions.

    (1) The mass transit part for the busses.
    (2) The transportation part for non-buses.
    (3) The benefit part, the part that is consuming a large share every year.

    The benefit part is not transportation related and shouldn’t be part of the other 2 parts budgets.

    Also this kind of separation would allow the taxpaying public an easy comparison of the cost of the dead horse they are paying for and being misled on its costs.

    Example of costs

    (1) 27 percent (busses)
    (2) 31 percent (roads and rail)
    (3) 42 percent (benefits)

    It’s not 4 percent of payroll anymore.

    Did you know that late 18th century France collapsed because of financial mismanagement and not by an attack by foreign invaders?

    Guillotine is another word for fiscal cliff.

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