Thu. May 30th, 2024

The SAPD’s Chief of Police, David Valentine, addressed the growing gang violence in Downtown Santa Ana in a Tweet today.

Valentine noted that the SAPD has developed a comprehensive proactive plan to respond, mitigate and prevent further violent crime from occurring in Downtown Santa Ana.

Valentin also noted that the SAPD’s Strategic Plan involves partners from the City of Santa Ana’s Code Enforcement, Planning and Building Departments as well as local business owners and community members.

Valentine also requested that we report any information regarding public safety concerns in our downtown district to:

  • SAPD Dispatch (714) 245-8665
  • Orange County Crime Stoppers 1-855-TIP-OCCS

One question Valentine did not address is what are the businesses in DTSA doing that is attracting out of town gangbangers to the area? And could it be that the gangbangers are former Santa Ana residents who came back to town to visit friends or family only to get caught up in the usual gang shenanigans?

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2 thoughts on “The Chief of the SAPD speaks out on the growing gang violence in Downtown Santa Ana”
  1. Anaheim and Huntington Beach remove gangbangers from their downtowns by rational-legal authority – the discharge of a service weapon to kill a gangbanger the split second the gangbanger aims a firearm or exhibits a premeditated provocative motion to apply real or perceived deadly force at the officer. The People and the Courts give law enforcement officers legitimate authority to assassinate gangbangers when an officer’s life is in danger or public safety is at risk. Santa Ana needs to employ the use of rational-legal authority to remove gangbangers from their downtown. The parents of gangbangers and gangbanger sympathizers should be deported to Putin’s Gulag.

  2. Two similar articles of Chief Valentin, five years apart 2017 and 2022, talking about cracking down on street gangs shooting up downtown prove he has failed at his job. Do these people just show up to get a paycheck?! LA Councilmember Buscaino completely disband the Gardena 13 street gang, Anaheim Chief Welter removed all the main heads from street gangs in Anaheim and dismantled the Eastside Ana Drive street gang and Ponderosa Wakefield street gang in less than one year. Valentin is still talking about it five years later?! It’s not hard to remove a street gang. Valentin needs to get with the program or step aside.

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