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Al Amezcua and his daughter Valerie Amezcua led a contingent of angry Usual Suspects at last night’s Santa Ana Code of Ethics Committee meeting, which was held at City Hall.  They were accompanied by a wandering blogger from Long Beach.

The Code of Ethics Committee is comprised of Council Members Vince Sarmiento and Sal Tinajero, who chaired the meeting.  Tinajero was forced at one point to intercede when a teetering vintage Usual Suspect tried to talk over Sarmiento.  That brought on an angry tirade from former Councilman Tom Lutz who objected to Tinajero’s attempt to run a professional meeting.  “She’s not one of your students Sal,” proclaimed Lutz, who was right – Tinajero’s students are much better behaved than the Usual Suspects.

The Amezcuas had been in hiding, presumably as they have been MIA for awhile.  Al lost badly last year when he challenged Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido.  And Valerie lost to Roman Reyna, in a close election, when she ran a couple years ago, for the SAUSD Board of Education.  They demanded that the Santa Ana City Council seat them and their Usual Suspect pals on a new Ethics Panel.  As an alternative they screamed about seating members of the O.C. Grand Jury, who are of course old, angry and retired, like many of the Usual Suspects.

Well, sorry folks.  There will be an Ethics Panel but there won’t be any Usual Suspects on it!

As for Amezcua, perhaps he can explain what was ethical about his run for the Rancho Community College District?  Remember that he had to resign when it came to light that he ran for an area he didn’t live in, having claimed that he lived at his law office.  He got away with it, even though Nativo Lopez got busted for virtually the same thing.  Amezcua of course worked on the Lopez recall…

How he can demand a seat on the Ethics Panel when he got blown away by Pulido is a very good question.  Come back Al when you have actually gotten elected to something, without carpetbagging.

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18 thoughts on “The Amezcua brigade demands seats on the Santa Ana Ethics Panel”
  1. Admin, what you talking about “anger”. Are you void of Anger? Huh Huh? Hahhhh! Stop using Amescua for your anger projections!

  2. You know what creates anger? The suppressed need to be part of a more meaningful community. Christianity and Penis Towers only represent superficiality. Try living more and politicking less.

    1. OBP is going to bring new customers to the Downtown, so you shouldn’t refer to it that way. Or are you against making money now that you’re an Occupier?

  3. Well as you can see I was right again not to attend.

    Since both Council Members Vince Sarmiento and Sal Tinajero are totally clueless about the constitutional law (the Mexicans), I wouldn’t be able to present my educated legal point and argument.

    So lets lumpenproletariat to decide on the ethics as it use to be in the old communist Czechoslovakia.

    The ethic were: What is your is mine and what is mine is non of your business.

    Sal should continue to serve on the Santa Ana ZOO committee instead to select proper food for the animals so they wouldn’t be obese.

    1. I guess since you are married to a Mexican then you must be an expert in such matters? Does she know how much you detest her own people? I hope she doesn’t read this blog!

  4. Art,

    In case you forgot I work for the county as a clerk! I AM AN OCEA UNION STEWARD!

    This means I can do WHATEVER THE F*CK I want. Nick and his goons have encouraged me to pick apart the city of Santa Ana, so we can BLEED the city dry, The Mexicans there don’t care anyway.

    As for Ethic’s: Laura Richardson is my Congressional representitive and she doesn’t have any, plus she is a dirty Democrat (who HATES GAY’S BTW). But, you’ll never hear me blog about that because Santa Ana is where I get the most bang for my buck (you know, the $74. per month I spend there……Plus my county paid treatments!)

    Now, on the subject of ethic’s it’s been reported my friend an Co-Blogger have harrassed othersd by Phone, Mail and EMAIL, this might be true, but this has nothing to do with ethic’s; Dan run’s a business, named after his kids, just because he sends anonymous packages and crank calls strangers does not make him unethical, just vindictive and lonely and wierd.

    We hold our head high as bloggers, reporters, pranksters, harassers and hypocrites. For instance Lou Correa’s Butt Slam of taxpayers will always be ignored as long as he invites us and Jordan’s boyfriend to the parties.


  5. “Does she know how much you detest her own people?”…. Hmmmm

    If we wouldn’t be able to criticize our own we all would be in perpetuate state of war as you are.

    You are contemporary Don Kichot mentally and actually, attacking green energy turbines.

    In 1994, I was an owner of the condo on east and of the 4th St. near French St.

    When my wife’s family came to visit me from the Mexico City they went to motel in Costa Mesa declaring Santa Ana down town sewer.

    Judging from the historical evidence the Santa Ana was once beautiful city.

    But then, there was no all Mexican council in the control.

    Believe it or not!

  6. Why would the Council want to bother with an unhinged bomb thrower who lives in Long Beach?

    As for you, why should the Council listen to you when all you do is call them names?

  7. In 1994, I was an owner of the condo on east and of the 4th St. near French St.

    When my wife’s family came to visit me from the Mexico City they went to motel in Costa Mesa declaring Santa Ana down town sewer.

    Judging from the historical evidence the Santa Ana was once beautiful city.

    But then, there was no all Mexican council in the control.

    The majority Mexican council has been for 6 years. The 80% budget deals to city employees, Fire and Police leaving no budget for infrastructure and resident developemnt is the reason for what is present and now the responsibility for the current council to correct.

  8. “no budget for infrastructure and resident developemnt”…. Hmmmmm

    Unfortunately that is not my concern Dr. Amalgam.

    My main objection is that this Council is not qualified and yet choke holds the entrepreneurism so the city has no dynamic to develop based on a supply and demand doctrine.

    In nutshell:

    If you recall my campaign platform was that the city should be solely responsible for a safety and maintenance of the city (the playground).

    The rest should be left to business and private individuals who will play on that playground.

    For example it is not Michele Martinez’s business to decide who will play with whose penis in the oriental massage parlor providing that the players are consenting adults.

    There are hundreds of examples I can list which make Santa Ana the dead City.

    There are cities around the world which you want to visit and these which you want to avoid.

    The Santa Ana is the one you want to avoid.

    Not to stick nose into other peoples business does not cost any money.

    They can start immediately to revise various ordinances which are anti business and anti growth.

    Watch how 1B will get broke if it ever gets build.

    The leasing restriction design by Mill, Alvarez and Tinahero are too anti business and are to oppressive.

    Except for Pulido no one has business experience and as to his businesses it did not improve in 20 years.

    Same as Santa Ana.

  9. My point is that the sitting council is trying to rectify the ordinances and it’s negatives set in place by past councils in order to place the city on the path for economic stability.

    This is what they are speaking ……we need to hold them responsible on this.

    Council members do not have to be economist….they do have to be leaders and direct their professional staff to formulate plans to correct wrongs affecting the stability of the city on behalf of their constituency.

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