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UCI Students against the flag

March 9, 2015

Supervisors Spitzer and Do Commend UC Irvine Student Leader Veto on Ban of American Flag

(Orange County, CA) — To show unwavering support for the American flag, Supervisors Todd Spitzer and Andrew Do, both alumni of the University California system, commended the student leaders who vetoed the unwise decision to pass a resolution that banned the flag from being displayed in the lobby of the student government offices.

The Associated Students’ Legislative Council at UC Irvine approved the ban on the flag with a vote of 6-4 on Thursday but the Associated Students’ Executive Cabinet vetoed the ban on a 4-1 vote. The resolution also banned all other nations’ flags from the common lobby area of student council offices.

“We were deeply saddened to learn that a student government body at a public university would chose to neglect an American tradition that reflects the love and respect that is deserved for our great Nation and those who serve in her honor,” said Chairman Spitzer whose district includes UC Irvine. “Displaying an American flag at a publically funded university is a small token of gratitude toward a debt that can never be repaid.”

“As Americans our flag represents the ideals we embody as a nation. The resolution banning the display of our flag by a small group of college students and the rightful reaction it has engendered present as a teaching moment that no legislative body, no matter how insignificant, has the right to ban the display of our nation’s flag, especially at a public institution like UCI,” said Supervisor Do. “Such actions are an affront to the sacrifices of the many who have fought to preserve our freedom and the many more who have perished while searching for the freedom we enjoy each day”.

Supervisors Spitzer and Do both expressed relief that the flag ban had been vetoed stating that while the recent ban issue at UC Irvine is resolved, there is still room for discussion on how to protect the display of the American flag at government buildings and public schools.


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