Tue. Feb 7th, 2023

It was surely a matter of time.  Supervisor Janet Nguyen was being pressured on all sides by her fellow Republican politicians and today the damn broke as she “hosted a press conference announcing her support for Republican Congressional Candidate Van Tran (CA-47) at Tran’s Garden Grove campaign headquarters,” according to a Tran campaign press release.

“Tran and Nguyen, both big-name power brokers in the Vietnamese community, have carried on a chilly rivalry for years,” according to the O.C. Register.

Nguyen used to be Tran’s protege.  They even honeymooned together with their spouses.  Things got frosty when Nguyen first ran for the Garden Grove City Council – and she refused to use the vendors Tran demanded that she work with.  When you think about it, that was a strange way for Nguyen to pay back Tran for supporting her.  She has since garnered a well-deserved reputation for backstabbing.

This past April Nguyen angered most of Little Saigon when she tried to take over the Black April event in Westminster, that annually commemorates the Fall of Saigon.  Nguyen pulled a city permit and tried to muscle the community groups that normally run that event.  Tran’s allies on the Westminster City Council intervened and made sure she got the morning hours and the community groups got the more important evening hours.  Nguyen was thoroughly punked.  In fact Nguyen was so rebuked by her own people that her Chief of Staff, Andrew Do, was ousted thereafter.  That is how Nguyen rolls.

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One thought on “Supervisor Janet Nguyen finally endorses Van Tran, against Congresswoman Sanchez”
  1. Well, another reason to make sure that we get our input(through the courts if necessary) in the redistricting supervisorial lines. I envision a 1st district that encompasses like communties and adds the western city of orange and the anaheim resort area to Lincoln, excluding the westmnster and the central GG area.

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