Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Studio del Sotano in The Santora presents: The Vanguard Avant-Garde!

In order to better lubricate the smooth arrival of the “Avant Garde” Musical Infiltration & Nazi Blitzkreig style Gentrification of the Santora, we are sending in our very own Vanguard Art Front the evening before.

Oh Yeah! Please join us the evening of Friday, February 21 7:00 pm as we feature:

Artress and the Pimp with special guest “Dieter and his Sprockets”

The walls have been fully primed. The new gates have been polished and oiled.

Purgatorio Santora is just about set to ArtRock!

– Black “Turtleneck” attire only.
– Must be 17 or older.
– Art School Dropouts receive free admission with any used Dinosaur Jr. or Superchunk cds in possession.

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2 thoughts on “Studio del Sotano in The Santora presents the Vanguard Avant-Garde!”
  1. “Nazi Blitzkreig (sic) style Gentrification of the Santora”……….. Hmmmmmmm

    Interesting concept!……. Jews as Nazi.

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