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Assemblyman Jose Solorio is leaving the State Legislature soon and he will be returning to a part time job as a new Trustee on the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education. Solorio sent out a farewell email today, outlining what he feels are his accomplishments:

Dear Friend:

As my six years in the State Assembly come to an end today, I want to thank you and let you know it has been an honor to serve the constituents of the 69th Assembly District. I am grateful that my tenure in the State Assembly resulted in many accomplishments, especially in light of the fiscal and political crises that dominated the last five years.

Locally, our district office hosted or co-hosted numerous Capitol in Your Corner events, policy forums, open houses, health and community fairs, and I was able to recognize many remarkable children and adults with certificates and resolutions. Legislatively, I was able to author and champion many laws and policies that will make a difference in our communities in Orange County and throughout the state. Below is a list that highlights many of our legislative successes.

Serving on the Rancho Santiago Community College District Board of Trustees is my next public service opportunity. I am also returning to my public affairs and marketing profession on a consulting basis, and plan to teach college students about government and politics.

Replacing me in the Legislature is my friend Tom Daly, currently Orange County’s Clerk-Recorder, a person who will bring great integrity to the State Assembly and will represent us well. His Oath of Office ceremony is today at noon in the Capitol.

I look forward to seeing you again, and updating you on my public service and professional career. As always, please feel free to reach me via e-mail or by phone at (714) 514-6233 if I can be of help.


Jose Solorio
State Assemblyman

P.S. You’re welcome to attend my Oath of Office ceremony on Monday, December 10th at 4:30 p.m. at the Rancho Santiago Community College District, 2323 N. Broadway, Santa Ana, CA 92706. Both the ceremony and reception will be brief.


State Assemblyman Jose Solorio

Legislative Successes

State Assemblyman Jose Solorio was first elected in 2006 to represent the cities of Anaheim, Garden Grove and Santa Ana in the California Assembly. He arrived in Sacramento with a commitment to improve our schools, fight gang violence, create jobs, and improve our state’s water and transportation infrastructure. He remained true to that commitment throughout his tenure in the Assembly.

In his first year in office, Assemblyman Solorio successfully worked with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and legislative leaders to author and co-author laws to reform state prisons, create the state’s first gang czar, and make it easier for cities to file injunctions against gangs.

In the area of education, Assemblyman Solorio has authored laws to improve the way we measure academic achievement, help students learn English more quickly, train teachers on using data to improve classroom instruction, and reduce the high price of college textbooks.

As someone who understands the value and the power of a college education, Assemblyman Solorio has partnered with the Orange County Leadership Fund to launch Solorio Scholars. The Solorio Scholars program was created to inspire more high school students from central Orange County to apply for college.

Often asked why he dedicates so much time and effort in the community, Solorio recites one of Cesar Chavez’s famous quotes: “The end of all education should surely be service to others.

Listed below are many of the significant legislative successes he achieved on behalf of his constituents in Orange County and the entire State of California.

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