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Santa Ana Mayoral candidate Jesse Nestor is hosting a campaign kickoff next Thursday (9/15) from 6 to 8 pm at Portola Park.

Nestor is a registered Libertarian. The other Mayoral candidates, Valerie Amezcua and Sal Tinajero, are both Democrats.

Who will you vote for in the Santa Ana Mayoral Election in November?
Who will you vote for in the Santa Ana Mayoral Election in November?



Nestor does not yet have a campaign website but he was interviewed last month by the Orange Juice Blog. Here are a few excerpts from that post:

  • He attended Foothill High School in Tustin (as did Mayor Vicente Sarmiento) but has always lived in Santa Ana
  • He says that he believes that Republicans are just like Democrats; they’re only moderate for a short time.
  • He is a very strong Second Amendment supporter.
  • He believes in the separation between church and state.
  • He says that the SAPD has been slow to respond to crimes. There are other means available. We’re overmilitarized.
  • He believes that not everyone who’s homeless is just suffering from misfortune. We should focus just on the homeless from Santa Ana. We should cut regulation so that nonprofits can help them. Anyone not willing to come back off of the streets should be kicked out.
  • He says that the contractors lied about the OCTA rail system on 4th Street. It’s over budget and it will be delayed another year. Businesses are suffering. OCTA should pay the business owners more. If they don’t, we could hire someone to replace them.

Here is Nestor’s campaign statement:

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