Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

I attended Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez’ fundraiser tonight, at Karmina Restaurant and Grill, at 515 N. Broadway. It was a lot of fun actually as the folks in attendance were a diverse group, including local business owners, community leaders, soccer league association managers, young activists, and several elected officials.

Assemblyman Jose Solorio and Councilman Sal Tinajero each spoke and shared with us why they support Martinez. They were both terrific, as usual.

Martinez accused Tinajero of stealing her thunder, but then she gave a great speech as well. She really has come a long way. I remember that she used to stumble at times back in the early days, but today she was polished and very articulate. She gave credit to her fellow Councilmembers for helping her grow as a person and as an elected representative.

She also said that while she had some early misgivings she now is dedicated to running again. She has a new job, here in town, with a non-profit, and she is looking determined and ready to win.

Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Commissioner Max Madrid was there tonight as well, along with several members of the City of Santa Ana’s Youth Commission.

I also met Councilman Vince Sarmiento’s wife. She was quite charming. She manned the registration table for Martinez. Others that I spoke to tonight included promoter Andy Mars, who is busy working on the upcoming Fiestas Patrias event; Mary McGeachy, of the Heritage Museum of Orange County (; Teresa Saldivar, owner of Saldivar’s Jewelers; and Elsa Greenfield, the Director of the Huntington Beach Youth Center (

Martinez does not yet face an opponent – although I expect one or two might file.  But she is ready for whatever might come her way.

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One thought on “Santa Ana Councilwoman Michele Martinez gave an impassioned speech at her fundraiser”
  1. I truly enjoyed this speech. It was heart felt and gave us a glimpse into her sincere passion and commitment. I also agree with the author’s comments that MM has become more polished in her overall presentation skills. The only critique I have ever had of her, upon viewing past impromptu and prepared speeches, is that she would become easily muddled in her thoughts/words which would make her messages a bit lack luster. Through practice and effort she has vastly improved and continues to leave an impressionable mark within the city she represents.

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