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Santa Ana Gang Shooting

The latest gang-related drive-by shooting in Santa Ana targeted two Saddleback High School students who are known to be gang members.  One boy was walking while another student was on a bicyle, as they traveled south on Baker Street, near West Alton Avenue on Wednesday afternoon.  A vehicle pulled up at around 2:55 pm and several shots were fired, according to the O.C. Register.

The boy who was on foot was shot in the neck and shoulder.  He was lucky – he escaped with non-life threatening injuries.  No one else was injured.

The fellow on the bike took off but was found by SAUSD police officers on a nearby bike trail, after they determined that he matched witness descriptions.  He was carrying a 9mm pistol but the police investigators figured out he was not the shooter, based on the bullet casings found at the crime scene, which were from a different weapon.  He was however arrested for illegal possession of a gun.  Police did not reveal his name or age.

The SAPD has not provided a description of the suspects or their vehicle.

The shooting happened in Santa Ana’s Ward 4, which is represented on the City Council by Councilman David Benavides.

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6 thoughts on “Saddleback High School student injured in a gang-related drive by shooting”
  1. What’s the point of mentioning which ward the shooting happened in and the council member who represents that ward? Just wondering.

    1. Our Council members represent us in 6 wards. We are holding them accountable for what happens in their wards. When they run for reelection and brag about lowering crime you’ll know the truth.

  2. Then you should mention the city manager (in addition to the council member) as he is responsible for the entire city and the shrinking of the SAPD (under 270 officers compared t 400 back in the 90s). Its all about saving money, not about service.

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