Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

The Santa Ana Collaborative for Responsible Development, otherwise known as SACReD, held a meeting last night at the offices of Latino Health Access, where they proceeded to bash property rights and argue for more “transparancy” in Santa Ana.

If this group is so into transparency why don’t they have their own Facebook page – or even a website?  They don’t even list their members anywhere!

Check out what they are demanding: “Proponents for increasing transparency feel that a new policy is direly needed to streamline the planning process allowing for impacted residents to actually address concerns prior to a project being submitted to the city, as opposed to continually playing defense after the fact. This would come in the approach of holding meetings months before, at the onset of and after a development project is turned over to city staff,” according to the OC Weekly.

Are you kidding me?  They want to know what is going to happen before a development project is even submitted to the Santa Ana Planning Agency?  Maybe these guys should hire some psychics?

There are already laws that demand that developments fit the zones they are planned to go into.  And then the developments have to be vetted by the Planning Agency and the Planning Commission.  Then there is an Environmental Impact Report.  And the public is allowed to comment many times.

What this is really about is sour grapes over the One Broadway Plaza project – which voters approved at the ballot box!  How much more transparent can you get?

But wait, SACReD wants more – “Other reforms would include, in part, areas of notification, lobbying, and oversight commissions.”  Again, insane!  We already have a Planning Commission. This SACReD mob is a bunch of screaming, liberal unelected lefties who are mad because they are always ignored.  Well, maybe that is their own fault?

These are the same yahoos who backed lefty Alfredo Amezcua for Mayor of Santa Ana in 2010.  Mayor Miguel Pulido thrashed him.  Now they are backing union hack Julio Perez for the 69th A.D.  Perez is in last place, at 4% of the vote, according to a survey conducted by another candidate.  These poor guys always back the wrong candidate – no wonder they have no pull in Santa Ana.  Whiners.  The one thing they don’t hold “sacred” is property rights.

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7 thoughts on “SACReD attacks property rights in Santa Ana”
  1. So your all for private property rights until it comes to stealing our property for a stupid bike trail. You and others like you trespass, vandalize, litter and make noise on our property. We own the creek and path you criminals have tried creating so as to trespass onto our property.
    Support property rights, say NO to the bike path.

    1. LOL! The Creek is PUBLIC property and there is plenty room there to sustain a trail. And those who want to ride bikes there aren’t the ones making a mess of things. Fix the trail and those problems will go away as the bad guys won’t be able to hide in the overgrown brush anymore.

  2. Why don’t you send a Spy to a SACReD meeting and report back who is in this group? They sound pretty scary.

  3. The United Artists of Santa Ana are creating a website and have a Facebook. We are all about “transparency” and unity and progressive culture.

  4. Fact- There is zero public property in, near or around Santiago Creek.

    Fact- There will never be a bike path in, near or around Santiago Creek.

    Fact- The current council has taken our campaign contributions and is more responsive to us and our needs.

    Fact-We have the lawyers, the political connections, the money and the will to keep you and folks like you off of our property and far away from Santiago Creek.

    Fact-The city cleaned up the creek and posted signs at our request.

  5. “The current council has taken our campaign contributions and is more responsive to us and our needs”

    Interesting, because they took your money, they can not vote to help your case. Smart move?

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