Fri. May 24th, 2024

reported on Thursday about O.C. Board of Education, Area One, candidate Eleazar Elizondo’s comments to an OC Weekly reporter about how teaching adults is not teaching.  Now that OC Weekly article has been published and his comments are as ridiculous as the reporter indicated when she called me.  But even worse for Elizondo, the true story about how he arrived at the awful ballot designation of “Public Affairs Consultant” has now been revealed.

I recall that Elizondo, when I ran into him on the last day of the filing period, at the Orange County Voter Registrar, desperately called an attorney, on his cell phone, and asked the unknown lawyer to be his campaign attorney.  I wondered then why in the world he needed a campaign attorney.  Well, now we know.

According to the OC Weekly, Elizondo tried to take the O.C. Voter Registrar to court, to contest not only my ballot designation, which is “Community College Teacher,” but also that of Republican candidate Robert Hammond, who is using the designation “Teacher/Orange County business owner.”  But Elizondo’s lawyer messed up – filing his grievance past the March 23 deadline.  Oops!

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