Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Santa Ana resident Francisco J. Barragan is finally getting the chance to avenge his pal Alfredo Amezcua’s brutal loss to Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido in 2010.  Barragan announced yesterday at the Orange County Young Democrats meeting that he is “entering the 69th Assembly District race,” according to the Liberal OC blog.

“After seeing the other candidates I think I have something unique to offer,” Barragan told the Liberal OC. “I wanted to have all the pieces of my campaign in place before announcing, but this meeting pushed up my announcement.”

I know this guy Barragan quite well.  I ran into him back when I was the editor of the Orange Juice blog.  He impresses you at first – he has a slew of certifications and titles and he brazenly calls himself the “Commander” of a local Latino veterans organization.  Then he gets to talking.  I invited him onto my Orange Juice radio show and good grief did this guy like to hear himself talk.  It was stultifying.

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9 thoughts on “Revenge has driven Amezcua ally Barragan to run for the 69th A.D.”
  1. “getting the chance to avenge his pal”

    How so? The Mayor is not running for the assmebly

    Oh I see after reasing to continuation, “to dilute”

    It is always good to hear, that when the powers that be detiremine who the voters can vote for, no one else is allowed to enter a race.

    Even the coucil woman has spoke on the lack of canidates in local races.

    You must not think much of her abilities to run for office. I think she will do quite well even with more people entering the race.

  2. Well, I’ve been trying to talk Paco out of this for a month or so now. And as much as your theory of revenge is nutty, this IS more likely to help Daly than anyone else.

    I hate to be the guy to discourage people from running, but … you know what’s most frustrating is that he lives in Bustamante’s district. THAT’S the seat I keep telling him he should go for. Santa Ana could use an honest accountant on the Council, I keep telling him, and then he can graduate to Assembly when Michele or Julio is termed out. Pero no…

    I see him taking votes more from Santa Ana progressive latino male Julio rather than Santa Ana insider female Michele, but maybe that’s just our own preferences coloring our own fears…

    1. I agree that Barragan is making a HUGE mistake. What a waste. Sadly he chose to ally with Amezcua and now he is wasting himself on a ridiculous misadventure.

      I agree that he has more in common with the liberal union hack Perez. Another bad move.

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