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Valerie Amezcua and Rigo Rodriguez

A friend of mine who is a teacher was at the SAUSD School Board candidates meeting tonight.  She said that Valerie Amezcua (pictured above) was one dimensional.  She also felt that Mike Dalati was out of his league and apparently he ducked out before the question and answer session.

Amezcua has already lost in two previous SAUSD School Board elections.  She lost by 75 votes to high school dropout Roman Reyna in 2008 and she lost again in 2012 by 537 votes to Jose Alfredo Hernandez. 

Everlena Oliver

Retired SAUSD school nurse Everlena Oliver (pictured above) was good but no comparison to Shuntele Andrews (pictured below), the former Valley High School teacher who according to my teacher friend did a great job at the debate tonight. Ceci Aguinaga didn’t show but I am told she is in Mexico tending to funeral arrangements for her mother.

Shuntele Andrews and friends

SAUSD Trustee John Palacio was pretty awful and my friend noted that “he is not a good public speaker by any means.” Lastly, my friend felt that Dr. Rigo Rodriguez (pictured above) was fantastic at the debate as he was very articulate and poised.

Angie Cano and Loretta Sanchez

My friend was not impressed by Angie Cano but that is to be expected as unionized public school teachers tend to shy away from candidates who support parents over teacher unions.  Cano reminded the audience tonight that the SAUSD spent hundreds of thousands of bond dollars to build a warehouse (on Fairview and Civic Center) and Cano also called for term limits for School Board Trustees.  Palacio has been on the SAUSD School Board for 16 years – and many would argue he has nothing to show for that.

Cano also got some good news today as Laborers Union Local 652 endorsed her.  She has also been endorsed by SAUSD School Board Trustee Cecilia Iglesias and both the OC GOP and the OC Lincoln Club.

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7 thoughts on “Recap of the SAUSD School Board candidates forum”
  1. After attending tonights debate I felt Shuntele Andrews better understood the importance of establishing better communications amongst students, parents,and teachers with the SAUSD. Which is necessary in order to bring about much needed changes in our school district.

  2. I attended the forum. Ms. Andrews was the only standout. Palacio is not well-versed in education nor is he articulate. He needs to move on. Dalhati, Oliver, Amezcua and Cano have no clue about the what goes on in the classroom and just dont have a grasp on education policy. And, Rodriguez, while well-spoken, says nothing of substance. All he can say is my kids go to school in the district.

  3. I attended the forum and was very I’m pressed with Angie Cano. She brings a student perspective. She is an inspiration for all the youth.. Ms. Andrews only talked about teachers. She seems to have forgoten that Teachers can’t be teachers without students. Angie has my vote and I will make sure all my family and friends vote for her too.

  4. I was not impressed by Cano. It seems she has some childhood traumas she needs to address and needs to stop yelling on debates.

  5. I did not attend the forum , but please believe that Shuntele cares very much for our students and that is not just talk. She influenced and inspired thousands of students and was always the most loved and respected teacher at Valley high school! Shuntele has no political ambition and will always stay true to what she believes is best for the students and families of Santa Ana!

  6. I attended the forum. It is clear that the best candidate is Ms. Andrews and Rigoberto comes in second for me. I respect Cano for running and admire her as a young woman who is succeeding but she has no experience with what a district like Santa Ana needs. How can someone with no education work related experience and public service, oversee and decide for a district that has over 40,000 students and going through so many changes with common core and LCAP. She did not have concrete responses to most important questions despite the fact she spoke with so much passion, but passion can’t do it alone.

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