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Andrew Do and Janet Nguyen

 Pictured: Andrew Do and Janet Nguyen

There might be a half dozen candidates interested in replacing Supervisor Janet Nguyen in the First Supervisorial District – but make no mistake about it, this race will come to two candidates – Andrew Do (Nguyen’s former Chief of Staff) and Lou Correa.

Do has already lined up the support of Supervisor Nguyen, along with Supervisor Pat Bates, Senator and Congresswoman-Elect Mimi Walters and Congressman Ed Royce. This means the OC GOP establishment is firmly lining up behind Do – not Garden Grove Councilman Chris Phan.

Correa already had about $600K in his campaign war chest – but now he also has the support of the Orange County Employees Association (the OCEA) and he has the backing of two high profile Republicans – OC Sheriff Sandra Hutchens and OCDA Tony Rackauckas.

The Special Election to replace Nguyen will be held in February, most likely, and will likely be a very low turnout election.  That favors candidates who can raise a ton of money, such as Do and Correa.

Mimi Walters and Lou Correa

 Pictured: Mimi Walters and Lou Correa – “Sorry Lou, I’m backing Do!”

Do has a significant disadvantage as his name I.D. is nowhere near that of Correa – but that won’t matter in Little Saigon.  Nguyen destroyed Jose Solorio in the November General Election, when she easily won the election to replace Correa in the 34th State Senate District.  If the voters who backed Nguyen get behind Do, he will cream the rest of the Viet candidates, whomever they might be.

This race could come down to which candidate can elicit support from white voters.  That favors Do as white Republicans, in particular, are loathe to vote for a Latino.

Sharon Quirk Silva and Lou Correa

Pictured: Former Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva and Lou Correa – “I hope I don’t end up unemployed like Sharon!”

It will be in Correa’s best interest to pack the ballot with as many Vietnamese candidates as possible.  Nguyen and Do will no doubt put the full court press on Phan and other interested Viet candidates to drop out or face major political retribution in future elections.  This race will get ugly quickly!

So what do you think?  Do or Correa?

Will you vote for Do or Correa in the First Supervisorial District?

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4 thoughts on “Poll – will you vote for Do or Correa in the First Supervisorial District?”
  1. Janet Nguyen’s sister cannot work in Janet’s Senate staff. nepotism state law With Andrew Do in the race, Senator Lou Correa chance to win increases and expect Janet’s sister to be in Lou’s supervisor staff.

    She wants obedience and Andrew Do will bow to her shoes and sing her praise.

    Moreover, Janet knows Andrew Do can’t win and that his candidacy hurts electing other Vietnamese candidates chances. She’s doesn’t want to share the limelight as a high ranking Vietnamese politician.

  2. Lou Correa wants to dump homeless into Westminister and Garden Grove via County homeless shelters and will vote to do so a County Supervisor. Vincente Sarmiento who represents Ward 10 up in Orange Park Acres has also publicly commented that the homeless should be shipped to Garden Grove and Westminister.

  3. Solorio lost to Nguyen because is a fop with nice hair and voters are generally aware that Janet is a childish tyrant when she doesn’t get her way. Correa will win handily because the white voters DO like him. I’d lay money on it.

    1. Solorio lost to Nguyen because he failed to get support of his party. But, more importantly he failed to GOTV. He hand picked Alex Flores an untested, inexperienced local activist to run CALVOTER.

      The first sign of a problem is that Alex himself couldn’t vote!

      I am stunned that Henry V. and others caved to Jose’s choice. There are dozens of mercenaries who could have done a far better job at getting the Latino vote out.
      Lastly, when you are a Harvard boy whose only military experience was with those little green plastic army men, yet you position yourself as a “VOTE FOR VET’S” candidate, you are toast. (SQS – F*cked the dog on that one too.).

      Don’t forget Jose was the politician stupid enough to get ripped off by Durkee, which tells me the dude can’t balance his own checkbook.

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