Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

No bonus for David Cavazos

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Santa Ana City Manager David Cavazos in a letter released Tuesday night acknowledged having a romantic relationship with a city employee, according to the Voice of OC.

The whole mess came to the surface when Mayor Miguel Pulido “harshly criticized Cavazos for carrying on the relationship during a meeting with union leaders. The mayor went so far as to as to name the city employee in the meeting.”

Cavazos however thinks it is no big deal. He wrote in his letter that, “Absent some proof that I have violated my contract, rule, policy or any law, I would appreciate that you respect my privacy and the privacy of City employees.”

According to the Voice of OC’s sources, most council members – with the exception of Pulido and Councilwoman Michele Martinez – are backing Cavazos on the matter.  That should come as no surprise since Councilman David Benavides dumped his wife when he ran for Mayor, unsuccessfully, against Pulido and then dated and married one of his city commissioners.  And Councilman Roman Reyna, who is Benavides’ longtime amigo, surely will do whatever Benavides tells him to.

Angie Oliver Amezcua

Councilwoman Angelica Amezcua’s response was typically lame –  she said that “from a larger perspective the city manager has been doing a “great job” administering the city, and she wants to take a wait and see approach.”

Here is the problem with Santa Ana’s top boss dating his employees – how do we know that he isn’t playing favorites and how do we know that the employee(s) feel comfortable saying no to his advances?

Did we learn nothing from the Carlos Bustamante debacle?  Maybe someone needs to show Cavazos how to use Tinder?

Cavazos is one of the highest paid city managers in the nation.  Surely he can use that wallet to go find a woman who doesn’t work for him?

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7 thoughts on “Poll – Should City Manager David Cavazos be allowed to date his employees?”
  1. Have all employees be educated on workplace sexual harrasment and sign off on work place etiquette dos and dont.
    These are two single adults how have the right to date one another or is there a written clause that there is NO work place patronaging.

  2. A few things come to mind, my mind, First Off I understood Cavasos to be married. There was certainly much discussion of moving his family when he took the job. Second, has anyone verified whether the employee involved is male of female? While Adam talks about “open secrets” the one most of us have heard is David is a little light in the loafers.

    Lastly, it is no wonder councilmember Benavides has chimed in on the side of sexual liasons in government, he nominated his sexual partner, now fiancé to a government post just a year ago. All this on the heels of a Councilman indicted of kidnapping and rape, and then welcomed back to chambers by Benavides.

    Why doesn’t Samantha Runion’s rapist run for SA Government.

  3. So we are almost two years to the day when DC started, Vince said at the time: “He will open up his DC conatcts…leading to hotel development and expansion”, Sal had his metal tounge affixed to Cavasos sack, like it was iron and now 24 months later we have accounting tricks and special parking meters.

    The dude gets 500K a year, and taps the city worker who we will be paying for…..ALL in city paid housing……

    Has anyone actual seen this employment contract? Is it public? I bet there is more here than we thought.

  4. Who here remembers FROSTY RUCKER? He was the stand out fottball player from Tustin, SAHS, Foothill and SAHS again who went on to play at USC.

    Frosty was featured predominately this week in Arizona and (less so nationaly) when he complained how tough it was going to be on his family being away for TWO straight weeks, with the Arizona Cardinals having back to back East Coast Games (Detroit this Sunday and Pittsburg Next). That is tough UNLESS you make $1,000,000. per year or more for playing 16 games a year.

    So what’s the point? The City Manager is playing an NFL season worth of work. He is 4 and 12 by my score and he’s banging the receptionists (Here’s one, Would “CRAZY Greg Diamond” consider “BANGING” appropriate here, Would he prefer “F^%kickin” SORRY, This is reference to Diamonds manical attack on Speaker Of The House to be Kevin McCarthy, Or is it Kevin O’Rourke, will have to ask Noberto when he is done with the Wine at Salt Creek tonight)……
    At any rate, Put a little time in FROSTY, Work hard, Cavasos, DO THE SAME, Actually, DO ANYTHING and then will let you date the employees. But for $500,00. per year you don’t get access to play Carlos Bustamante.

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