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There are some that say that failed Santa Ana Mayoral candidate Alfredo Amezcua is being heroic because he is still fighting, months after he lost his election last November.  To me it seems like Amezcua is a sore loser – and he clearly does not accept the will of the voters.

This reminds me of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, who got thrown in jail after he tried to pull off a coup.  He got out a few years later and took over anyway – and now he is Latin America’s biggest loon.  The same thing happened in Cuba, where Fidel Castro got tossed in the can, then got out and staged a coup.  In Latin America democracy is fine unless you don’t like the results – which generally sets off armed insurrections.

Should Amezcua accept the will of the voters and graciously end his rebellion or should he keep pestering the Santa Ana City Council and Mayor Miguel Pulido?  Let the will of our readers be known – here is your chance to vote on this issue:

Should Al Amezcua move on or continue his insurrection?

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19 thoughts on “Poll: Should Alfredo Amezcua move on, or continue his insurrection?”
  1. Al is no hero. But Santa Ana has not dramatically improved. As Al is better financially situated than you all, perhaps he can carry the banner of reform for now.

    1. I beg to differ. Santa Ana has improved. But you are right – Al is loaded. Too bad he blew his wad in a losing campaign. He could have donated it to charities and really made a difference. Instead he is now Santa Ana’s Meg Whitman!

  2. Be consistent…. Pedroza.

    Pulido visited Bolivian President Evo Morales.

    Jerry Brown illegally visited Cuba and had meeting with Castro.

    If you will continue on this indecent path you may have sweaty dream about going to hell again.

    1. Fiala,

      True, but this post was not about Al visiting a despot but rather acting like a sub-comandante.

      Besides, Solorio visited Cuba too.

      Be sure to vote!

  3. Art,

    I think the real poll should be whether YOU SHOULD MOVE on from attempting to manipulate and portray the HIGHLY regarded and INDEPENDENT organizations as political stooges or your wish to paint Citizens concerns as political moves as YOU DEFEND THE INDEFENSIBLE.

    If you notice of the 4 items of concern to the community and organizations, 3 have surfaced close to or AFTER the election

    a) Chief of Police’s NEGATIVE political involvement ONE day before the election and no chance to respond, in very likely violation of the highest ethical standards and Codes of Conduct of both the CA Police Chiefs Association and of the City’s own Code.

    b) Mayor Pulido’s supposedly $500K “finder’s fee”; in very likely violation of both the CA Dept of Real Estate Laws and of the City’s own Code of Ethics.

    c) and the City Attorney BACKDATING OF START DATE by 13 years that I identified through my research and of which I spoke about at the City Council, which in effect created an additional Gift of Public funds by increasing his UNUSED Vacation and Sick Leave by close to $200,000, in addition to the close to $142,000 that should be paid if he was TERMINATED; or NOT paid if he resigned.

    Unfortunately, I think you are making the same mistake that the City Council is making, assuming that valid concerns of the citizens are political moves.

    You claim that you have the best interests of the City in mind, well I propose that you strongly consider the fact that having the FULL-TRUTH, ACCOUNTABILITY, TRANSPARENCY and the HIGHEST (not the Lowest) ETHICAL behavior and OVERSIGHT OF and BY elected or appointed officials also leads to an improved city whereas BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST and DISDAIN for Citizens concerns does NOT!

    As I said before, YOU have to MOVE ON from what I call the ArT I V O effect.

    1. I am sure you and your Anaheim Amigos would love it if I were to allow you to keep slinging your baseless charges. Sorry. We are not backing down.

      A) Former LA Police Chief William Bratton an LA Sheriff Lee Baca both endorsed Antonio Villaraigosa for Mayor last time he ran. I don’t recall you guys freaking out over that! And Walters’ actions were reviewed by several lawyers and approved. You have nothing to stand on with regard to this charge. I thought it was very funny by the way that you lost it at the press conference because Walters referred to Amezcua, in his robo-call, as a “criminal defense attorney.” According to the State Bar Association that is exactly what Amezcua is! In fact his practice is built on defending the very worst drug dealers and gang bangers in town!

      B) Pulido did not receive a dime and the buildings were not sold. Again your charge is EMPTY. Nothing happened.

      C) The Fletcher deal was negotiated in 2002. Are you going to call for an investigation of Assemblyman Jose Solorio, who was on the Council at the time? Regardless, it was worth every penny to get rid of Fletcher and replace him with a better City Attorney.

      As for all your false claims to ethics, when are you going to call for an investigation of Amezcua? He registered to vote at his law office when he ran for the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education. We have the evidence! He later registered at his home in Morrison Park – and he resigned from the Rancho seat. He clearly lied to the voters and he appears to be guilty of the same violation that has seen Nativo Lopez prosecuted for over a year. So when are the Anaheim Amigos going to have a press conference about that?

      And why is the bogus Santa Ana Coalition for Better Government headed up by three non-Santa Ana residents? Art Lomeli lives in Orange Park Acres. John Acosta lives in Anaheim. Jennifer Delson lives in Long Beach. Maybe you should call it the Non Santa Ana Coalition to advance Alfredo Amezcua?

  4. This is the most ridiculous post I’ve ever seen.

    You mean to say that if a citizen (or citizens) believe, for whatever reason, that reform(s) need to happen in their city, and that some of those citizens believe that the current leadership (or some of it) don’t share their concerns, that those same citizens should simply remain quiet and meekly submit after the result of an election?

    Do you realize how laughable that proposition is?

    1. anon,

      This little insurrection is not about citizens and reform. It is about Amezcua’s followers not accepting the will of the voters. Amezcua was soundly rejected. Now his unhinged mob is hurling baseless charges that are little more than slander and innuendo. I have refuted all of their points and what do they do? They send Barragan over here to repeat the charges? Does no one over there know how to engage in a debate?

  5. Art,

    Can you show me where I mentioned a single one of those issues?

    Some citizens share those concerns and some don’t. Fine. But that doesn’t mean, as a general proposition, that the citizens who share those concerns should now just shut up, submit, and “move on”.

    When Barack Obama was elected, those who opposed him didn’t just simply run away with their tails between their legs and meekly submit to his policies and practices…they mobilized into an even stronger movement. That’s the way this whole thing called democracy and freedom of expression works. You can criticize their VIEWS all you want…and legitimately so…but to say that they should “move on” is ridiculous.

  6. Francisco,

    You continued baseless attacks on Chief Paul Walters are shameful. Chief Walters has every right to voice his opinion in regards to the Mayor’s race. It is clear that you and your coalition, of mostly outsiders, are trying to silence any opposition thru intimidation.

    Are you going to file complaints against Sheriff Lee Baca and former LAPD Chief William Bratton for publicly supporting Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa?

    Chief Paul Walters is one of the most respected law enforcement officials in the United States and we are very lucky to have him here in our city. He is a man of unquestioned integrity and professional standards.

    Just because you and others continue to scream these false allegations of wrongdoing on his part does not make them true.

    Shame on you!

  7. “This little insurrection is not about citizens and reform.”

    Other citizens, legitimately so, beg to differ.

  8. “But most of them appear to live in Long Beach and Anaheim…”

    If that’s what you think, then you’re totally out of touch with the reality on the ground.

    1. anon,

      No, you are. I already pointed out that the three officers of the so-called Santa Ana Coalition for Better Government are headed up by three non-Santa Ana residents. Art Lomeli lives in Orange Park Acres. John Acosta lives in Anaheim. Jennifer Delson lives in Long Beach.

  9. Art,
    Maybe these folks don’t live in Santa Ana, but do they have businesses in Santa Ana? If they do, that makes Santa Ana their “business”, to omit that information only highlights your biases.

    1. Acosta is retired. Delson runs a PR company. I am guessing she has a home office, in Long Beach. Lomeli has a dental practice in Santa Ana but he lives in wealthy Orange Park Acres.

  10. Art,
    I just googled Jennifer Delson, she was a reporter with the LA times covering OC, she now probably free-lances, still covering the OC, do you want to take the position that reporters can ONLY cover their hometown. Get a grip!

    1. I know her and have known her for many years. She no longer works for the LA Times, which curiously did not show up to the Anaheim Amigos press conference.

      Delson now runs a PR company and she is Amezcua’s publicist.

      She can cover what she wants to, but please know she is getting paid to do it now.

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