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The Santa Ana 2012 Fiestas Patrias parade ran for about an hour and a half today, starting at 4 pm.  I got there a few minutes late and missed Mayor Miguel Pulido, who was apparently riding in a Wells Fargo stagecoach, but I caught everyone else.

Above you wil find a slideshow of the politicians and the floats, and everything else.  The parade featured men on horseback, someone in a bear costume, native dancers, and even a couple of ninjas. 

Here are some of the high, or low lights to look for:

  • Santa Ana Councilman Vince Sarmiento rode in a car with his friend Eric Alderete, who is running for Ward 3.  I did not see their kids.
  • SAUSD Trustees Rob Richardson and Audrey Noji shared a car.  They both voted against hiring SAUSD Superintendent Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana, who has been terrific.  She was in the parade too.
  • Council candidate Roman Reyna was in a car with a statuesque young lady that I presume is his girlfriend.
  • Republican Ward 3 candidate Charles Hart showed up, walking in a crudely stenciled t-shirt.
  • Council candidaet Karina Onofre walked the parade, with two little kids.
  • Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez was dressed in red and was running around as usual.
  • Assemblyman Jose Solorio was in a car.  There was a car for State Senator Lou Correa too but I didn’t see him.
  • There were marching bands and flag teams from Santa Ana High, Century High and Valley High.
  • Protesters were there to demand democracy in Mexico

In all it was a lot of fun and the weather was a bit cooler today.  If you did not make it I hope to see you at the parade next year!

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9 thoughts on “Politicians, ninjas and a bear show up at the 2012 Fiestas Patrias parade”
  1. It was hot but lots of fun! Lorretta was again the greatest fro WALKING much of the parade! She is so amazing. Sad to see Councilman Benavides without his wife and I hope it’s not true about him. I remember one year working or Loretta’s campaign and the other side had a guy named Chavez running who dropped out because his wife caught him with he hand in the nookie jar. Have you tried to contact Mrs. Benavides to offer her a chance to clear this all up? I lived near them for many years and I have a hard time believing what you say on your blog about them. They are a sweet couple and I think they may be going through a rough patch but I believe she should be offered a chance to tell her side of the story. Santa Ana News has mostly been quite fair and balanced in reporting and I hope you still are. Great photos of the Parade!

  2. Is it true New Santa Ana gets more than 1,000 per day looking at your blog? What advice would you give young people wanting to start a blog? What was your secret to success? Seems like so many blogs have faded away but yours has all the buzz. gracias.

    1. Our success is truly amazing. The keys are to keep it fresh, use good pictures, use descriptive keywords and use WordPress.

      It is not easy – many lazy people have tried but failed to do this in and around Santa Ana…

  3. Karina Onofre is charismatic and kept the audience in uproar! Viva Mexico!!! She represents us Latinas well, and is fluently bilingual, unlike her opponent who can’t speak Spanish beyond “mija” -btw, those are nieces, Heidi and Ashanti Onofre, I know the family. Great people.

    1. Thanks Monica. I am leaning towards endorsing her but she has so far refused to answer my emails and is not sending us her press releases. Perhaps you could have a chat with her?

  4. Charles Hart “shameless” On so ooooo many levels! The Victims & their families were outraged! He has huge juevos!

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