Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

My wife and I visited the Patchworks Festival today.  It is set up through 5 pm today over on Main St., just north of the Bowers Museum.

The event features a vast array of food, craft, and arts vendors – and products available run from gourmet jams and jellies to clothing, jewelry, handmade soap, vegan chocolate, chocolate chip cookies with bacon, and handmade butter crunch.

Vendors included established businesses like the Gypsy Den, Mother’s Market, Calacas and the Memphis at the Santora, and independent businesses run out of garages and trailers.

The festival was very well attended.  I also ran into Santa Ana Parks and Recreation Agency Director Gerardo Mouet and Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Eric Alderete – it is rumored that he will be running against Councilman Carlos Bustamante, in Ward 3, next year.

Bring an appetitite!  There are gourmet food trucks and delicious wraps over at the Mother’s booth, plus more food at the Gypsy Den booth and all sorts of snacks.

Some of my personal favorites today:

  • P.O.P. Candy – gourmet butter crunch.  All the flavors were good – but we really liked the “Fire Pistachio.”
  • The vegan peanut butter cookies at the Mother’s Market booth. Two for a dollar!  Very good…
  • The George Costanza pendant at one of the jewelry booths.  Priceless!
  • The antique button rings offered by another independent vendor.  Nicely done!

Click here for more info about the festival.

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