Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Former Santa Ana mayoral candidate Thomas Gordon really hates graffiti but can graffiti also be a form of artwork? Gordon is upset because artists are using the Blue Lot, in Downtown Santa Ana, to practice graffiti style art.  Here is an email he sent to the folks at the Santa Ana Citizens Yahoogroup on the subject:

Have any of you seen the Blue Lot located at the corner of First & Bush?

It’s a spot for fans of graffiti to practice their “art” that eventually winds up costing Santa Ana taxpayers millions a year to clean up city wide.
A recent OC Register story stated “Santa Ana budgets nearly $2.4 million for graffiti abatement – twice as much as it spends to improve parks where children play.” That’s shameful.

I’ve spoken before Santa Ana City Council regarding this issue and was promised that I would be contacted and that this issue would be addressed, but as of this writing I’ve heard from no one and the graffiti remains.

The blue lot in santa ana

The graffiti continues as pictured above.

Why isn’t the City of Santa Ana cleaning up this “legal” graffiti practice area and advising the property owner to  discontinue the use of his property as place for graffiti to be practiced and displayed?

Residents have in the past and continue to list graffiti blight as a major issue facing Santa Ana.

So why is the City of Santa Ana now considering using taxpayer dollars to fund and promote the above pictured Blue Lot as a community art space and event venue?

Graffiti isn’t art very often and even considering using taxpayer dollars to fund or promote this is shameful and a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Please send me a quick reply to this email to this email to let me know you still support a graffiti free Santa Ana or contact me for any media inquiries regarding this issue.

Thomas Anthony Gordon

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6 thoughts on “Past mayoral candidate doesn’t think graffiti can also be a form of art”
  1. I think Thomas needs to visit the ass plug removing specialist

    Thomas, dial 1-800-ass-plug (They remove long sticks, 2x4s, sideways bricks, etc)

    Operators are standing by

    BTW, why don’t you dive into some real issues and mind your own business? How about Immigration, poverty, welfare programs, gang violence, recycling, keeping Santa Ana green, and real progression. Its not your property, and you’re not even an artist. So keep quite about things you know nothing about.

  2. This is old news. He spoke in the back in December. Someone’s sleeping at the wheel. At the meeting on January 7th, Mr. Gordon bitched about the utility box art project. He wants everyone to color inside the lines. Just to add some lubricant to the butt plug pulling, the first round of electrical boxes should be a solely a street art theme!

  3. I think the ass plug is to gentle for this moron mongoloid — Theo.

    Here is John Lennon wall in PRAGUE which I have visited recently with my family and created our own art on it. There are cans of paint on the ground and everyone can add to it or over it. It is located in the prestigious part of PRAGUE right below the presidential palace. Google it for the detail history.

    If you ever visit PRAGUE stop by there.

    This Gordon dude is dangerous pig who hates prostitutes, which means he hates women, harassing them on the Harbor Blvd. and reporting me to SAPD homicide detectives that I want to kill him.

    Gordon is Classical sociopath.

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