Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

The O.C. Supervisors are finally going after Assistant County CEO Rob Richardson, who is also a Trustee on the SAUSD School Board.  “Nelson and Bates recommend demoting Assistant CEO Rob Richardson and revoking a 13.1 percent unjustified raise given to Deputy CEO for Infrastructure Alisa Drakodaidis,” according to the O.C. Register.

Why is Richardson in trouble?  Check this out – “Richardson saw his pay increase 33.13 percent in just six months after he was promoted in January 2006 to assistant to the CEO, a position without any direct oversight of county departments or employees. Richardson draws a salary of $191,089.”

Richardson is going to lose pay and his taxpayer provided car – “The subcommittee’s recommendation to demote Richardson to an administrative manager III would also revoke his monthly car allowance and county contribution to a 401 (a) plan and cut his pay by three percent, resulting in an 11.2 percent reduction in his total compensation.”

Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante also would have likely  been demoted from his County management job, but he saved the County the trouble by resigning after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced a few weeks ago.

Richardson and Bustamante, who are both Republicans, are up for reelection next year, to their respective Santa Ana local offices.  Good luck boys…

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6 thoughts on “O.C. Supervisors want to cut Rob Richardson’s pay and take away his car”
  1. How about Renee Ramirez? Check the HR file she has received almost 50% raised with no justification.

    Bates and Nelson needs to look into Renee Ramirez HR folder.

    She was telling my friend she is an executive manager. I thought that needed to go to the Board of Supervisors for approval?

  2. Perhaps Carlos can get a job driving Rob around. I think he may be qualified for that job and not much else.

  3. Daisy should consider that Carlos shouldn’t be trusted with a County asset like a car, but he might be qualified as a greeter for the Hall of Admin — it works for Wal-Mart.

  4. Isn’t anyone curious why CEO Tom Mauk seems to be unscathed (so far) by all this? Certainly, it must have at least partially been his idea to promote these minions and approve their raises.

    His refusal to even comment in the Register article speaks volumes. One wonders if one of the Supervisors might publicly ask him, from the dais, how and why all this happened.

  5. So why did Assistant Clerk-Recorder Renee Ramirez not get any scrutiny?? She has received a 50% raise since Tom Daly became the Clerk-Recorder. We have documentation which we will release soon to show that Daly is trying to promote her to Admin Manager III. Looks like he thinks he is going to win the 69th district Assembly race and he is linning up Renee Ramirez to be the interim Clerk-Recorder until an election is held. So why did the Board not look into her. She is making $122,214 total compensation, she ran for clerk-recorder in 2009 yet has her name redacted from the public records request. This is shady and unethical. Basically Renee Ramirez is an over paid hechwoman for Daly. She only over sees 102 employees and it appears that Daly wants to make her an Admin Manager III the back doors way. Lets see if Carl Crown and company do their job and demand a real and true justification for this.

  6. If they are promoting her to Adm III they need to open it up for recruitment. From what I hear she doesn’t even know how to do budget. I know there are more qualified candidates that can do a better job.

    People who have leadership and teamwork skills.

    Renee Ramirez only skills that she knows is to imtimidate the people who works at the clerk recorder.

    The department needs a change and Renee Ramirez should be fired!

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