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OC Political blogger Chris Nguyen posted an article today poking fun at the top 10 worst ballot designations, pertaining to Orange County political candidates in the upcoming June primary.  His list includes a couple of Santa Ana residents – Lupe Moreno and Glen Stroud.  Both are Republicans who are running for the obscure Republican Party of Orange County (OC GOP) Central Committee, in the 69th Assembly District.

Here is what Nguyen had to say about Moreno and Stroud’s ballot designations:

  • Office Specialist (Lupe Moreno in the 69th District Republican Central Committee).  What is an office specialist?  I think it’s something clerical.  (For the record, this is the County’s description.) If Lupe Moreno wins, it’ll be due to her long-term name ID in spite of her ballot designation.  My advice to office specialists running for office: “Office Coordinator” or “Analyst” makes you sound more impressive.

Pictured Above: Glen Stroud

  • Retired Recreation Supervisor (Glen Stroud in the 69th District Republican Central Committee).  What would motivate people to vote for a recreation supervisor?  Stroud’s claims to fame as being a twice-ousted Santa Ana City Commissioner and a grand juror likely does not produce high enough name ID to overpower this bad ballot designation.
    My advice to [retired] recreation supervisors running for office: “[Retired] County Manager” or “[Retired] City Supervisor” (Stroud is the former, FYI); unfortunately, these are not interchangeable as “[Retired] County Supervisor” and “[Retired] City Manager” would be unacceptable due to their wildly different meanings.

The funny thing about the Republicans running for the OC GOP Central Committeein the 69th A.D. is how many of them are government workers!  OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh regularly rails against public employee union members, but half of the candidates running for his party’s Central Committee in the 69th A.D. are government workers!  Moreno works on the Orange County Health Department and Stroud is a former Orange County Recreation Manager.  Other government workers running in this election include LAUSD asbestos inspector Thomas Gordon, and Orange County middle manager Charles Hart.  Moreno is the only Hispanic candidate, but she is a Minuteman who wants to deport Mexican immigrants. 

What a joke!

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

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