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The OCTA’s Bicycle Corridor Improvement (BCI) Program 2012 Call for Projects is a $9 million bicycle program available to local Orange County agencies. The guidelines and application are provided below. Eligible applicants must submit project proposals by 4:00 p.m. on April 30, 2012.

There is word on the street that a non-profit bike organization that supports bike trails in Orange County is going to file the necessary paperwork to complete the missing 1,500 foot section along Santiago Creek, in the Fisher Park/Floral Park neighborhoods and then turn the grant money over to the City of Santa Ana as a shovel ready deal!

In related news, word has it that the NIMBY’s in the Floral Park/Jack Fisher area have had signs installed along the unfinished bike trail (see picture above) that include:

  • Three signs stating “Right to Pass by permission and subject to control of owner section 10008 civil code” that are placed along the foot path from the 5 Fwy going West on the Trail.
  • On Baker Street Bridge and on Flower Street Bridge there are signs stating “No camping, no storing of personal property in recreational bike trail area OCCO 2-5-17(a)” NOTE: It is interesting that these signs state “recreational bike trail area” as if currently is an unoffical foot path.

I have also heard from residents in Morrison Park that the Trail Opposition Group has informed them that if a bike trail gets placed between the 5 Fwy and Flower, that the City will also do the same from Flower to the SART along the creek in West Floral Park and will remove the Class 2 Bike Lane on Memory Lane.  This has the MPNA concerned that they will loose their new Class 2 Bike Lane in their neighboorhood.  I think the Trail Opposition Group is spreading misinformation to gain support to resist connecting the bike trail from under the 5 Fwy to Flower.  There is no way that the City of Santa Ana would ever vote to remove the Class 2 Bike Lane on Memory Lane!

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The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

8 thoughts on “$9 million available to complete Santa Ana’s Santiago Creek bike trail”
  1. Those signs may be 40 years to late.

    I think if the city code endorsement was told about private signs on public property, they would go out and remove them.

  2. Section 1008, Civil Code.”

    Do not be misled, however. Despite what might seem to be the clear the language of this code section, if someone has already done all of the acts necessary to acquire an easement by prescription on your land, your later posting will not act to retrieve the land. It will be too late.

    This was made clear fairly recently by the California Court of Appeals

  3. If every reader of this blog would go out right now and buy a Mega-Millions lottery ticket (current jackpot half a BILLION dollars) and agrees to give all of the winnings for this cause we could buy up every house along the Saniago Creek on both sides between the 5 Freeway and the Santa Ana freeway, build the bike path, and give a free bike to every kid attending Santa Ana schools. We could also hire 24/7 security guards to partrol the trail and paint out graffiti. What say you fellow blog readers?

  4. they should use those funds to fix up the delhi bike trails those in santiago creek are fine the way they are…why so much special attention on that side of town
    9 million estan locos….

  5. I havn’t been down that trail in a long while, what is wrong with it? If it needs resurfacing, have the Delhi Comm center (a non-profit) apply for a grant.

  6. Julia,

    Whats up?

    What are you doing in these parts? Long way from Belmopan sister!

    But, hey you know you are always welcome here. It most warm the kids hearts from Santiago ES (who are adults now) to here you chime in.

    Unless of course this is really a fifty year old man from Irvine pretending to be you (your getting closer Dan).

    The door is ALWAYS open. The girls would love to hear from you.

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