Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Newsong Church Pastor Dave Gibbons is going to be present at the Santa Ana First Baptist Bible Study & Potluck set for this Wednesday evening, at 6 pm.

Gibbons will be participating in a Q & A, right after the potluck, at 6:45 pm.  Gibbons is also prepared to lead a Bible Study as well.

First Baptist Church Pastor Andy Quient is recovering from a surgical procedure and will not be at this meeting.  However he conveyed that “Normally, I do not like to see anything get in the way of study, but this encounter is quite important in the life of our church. It would be good for folks to get to know him better and have an opportunity to share ideas concerning a potential merger.”

Newsong Church and First Baptist Church are in the beginning stages of considering a merger.


6:00 Potluck

6:45 Q & A

7:00 more Q & A (with remaining time for study)

Place: Fireside Room

Location: 1010 West 17th St., Santa Ana.

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16 thoughts on “Newsong Church Pastor Dave Gibbons to speak in Santa Ana on 9/5”
  1. I was at the First Baptist Church meeting with Dave Gibbons and asked some straightforward questions. Instead of answering my questions, man to man, he changed the subject and did not answer my simple questions. A BIG RED FLAG!

    1. Perhaps it was the way you phrased or delivered your questions. He answered my questions perfectly clearly.

      First Baptist is slowly dying. We need Gibbons more than he needs us. The red flag is the parishioners who don’t understand that.

  2. First Baptist Church … be very careful!! This is not a merger but a takeover. There is a lot going on behind the scene. Church members are becoming suspect of who is driving this situation.

    1. FBC is dying. The morning service is full of seniors who in most cases don’t even live in Santa Ana anymore. And the church is often almost empty at the second service. This merger is just what the church needs to be renewed.

      1. Correction, this is not a merger. Newsong is NOT the answer for FBC. This church has been a Worship and Cultural Center for decades. Newsong does not fit this identity. There are other options for saving First Baptist Church!

        1. Has been is correct. What is your issue with Newsong? What do you mean by identity? I hope you are not miffed that they are a diverse church. Are you talking about white identity?

          1. Nothing like taking 1 word from a comment and twisting it to imply “racist” so you can try and discredit the comment. That is Satan’s oldest trick.

          2. So what’s your point then? Why do you oppose this merger? Why are you against an opportunity to revive our church and renew our ministry?

            Jesus knew what to say about this. Get thee behind me…

  3. Dear Editor, I am an involved member of First Baptist Church of Santa Ana. Involved means attending every service, bible studies, volunteering within the church, etc.

    How insulting it is for you to keep saying “dying church.” The church is alive and well teaching biblical truth. However, how would you know that since you rarely ever attend. I know who you are and you are rarely ever there and you know that is the truth. You are the one that is spiritually dead.

    How dare you imply that it is a white church. That is not true but who cares if it was. YOU ARE THE RACIST.

    1. Were you there this Sunday? At the 11 am service? I was. The church was even emptier than usual. I was the one doing the reading at the lectern. I read the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman at the well. Jesus wasn’t supposed to talk to her but he did and then he stayed in that village to minister to the Samaritans for two days. You see he ministered to those who were overlooked. So does Newsong. That is why they want to merge with us. They see what a great opportunity we have to minister to a troubled community. Search your heart. Ask yourself why you’re really opposed to this merger. Attacking me won’t bring you peace. Only God can grant you that.

      1. At the beginning of the service there were a few people. However, by the end of the service there were many. The line for Communion was long. That’s the way the second service is. I do not know why people come late for the second service but it ended with many people as usual.

        You do not know if I oppose the merger or not. However, in the Q&A’s that the church has had with Newsong’s pastor, Dave Gibbon’s, either refuses to answer some questions and he gets visibly upset. It is every members duty to grill and search for the truth. This should be the norm and applauded.

        Newsong Church has had several questionable speakers at their church including Andrew from

        FBCSA has never had one guest speaker that I would call questionable.

        I trust our pastor though and I have not made my decision to vote yes or no. I am still searching for the truth.

        1. That’s better! And you’re right a few folks showed up late. I can’t wait for the day when we’ll have to look hard for a parking space!

          You are correct to trust in Pastor Andy. He’s a good man and we’re lucky to have him as our minister.

        2. To the Editor:

          I apologize for any personal attacks. That is wrong. I need to learn to stick with the issue and not let it get personal so I apologize again. However, I still believe in what I said in my comments.

          1. Thanks and I’m sorry if I haven’t been very tactful either. I’d like to see the church we love prosper. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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