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Santa Ana is dominated by voters registered with the Democratic Party – and it has gotten worse for the Republican Party over the past few years.

Take a look, for example, at voter registration in the First Supervisorial District, which includes all of Santa Ana.  There are 98,164 Democratic voters in the district, versus 76,738 Republican voters.  And there are only 1,306 Libertarian voters in the district.  The only other significant voter demographic is the 45,876 voters who have no party preference.

I have lived in Santa Ana now for over twenty years.  I was a Republican for most of my adult life.  In fact I was the only Latino elected to the OC GOP Central Committee in 2006, but by then the Republican Party had already gone overboard in their immigrant bashing.  Fed up, I quit and eventually registered as a Libertarian.

Understand that I was once the inaugural Hispanic Outreach Director for the OC GOP.  And I was darn good at it.  Now I will bring those skills and experiences to the Democratic Party of Orange County.

I also started Orange County’s first political blog, the Orange Juice.  It is still doing well under the leadership of its new Editor, Vern Nelson, one of the top progressive Democrats in the state.  And the New Santa Ana blog, which I started in 2009, is now the top political blog in Orange County, according to, the top web ranking service in the world.  Granted, the New Santa Ana’s coverage includes more than just politics.

I still by the way hold a lot of Libertarian views, but the reality is that the Libertarian Party cannot win many elections, particularly in Santa Ana.  And if you cannot win, you most certainly cannot get anything done.

I actually agree with the Democratic Party on just about all the social issues.  I remain disappointed that so many Democrats are immigrant bashers and extremists on issues like gambling and medical marijuana, but overall there are more civil Libertarians in the Democratic Party than in the Republican Party.

I am a member of the American Federation of Teachers and so I can appreciate organized labor.  I do however think that public employee’s unions have done us all a disservice with their early retirements and overly generous pensions.  As a Democrat I will push for reform of these pensions and recognition not only of unionized workers but all workers.

The O.C. Democrats are really in a bad spot right now – it is likely that redistricting will result in Republican voter advantages in the aforementioned First Supervisorial District, as well as the 69th Assembly District, the 34th State Senate District and the 47th Congressional District.

I cannot abide the thought of those districts going red again.  Not while the GOP continues to bash immigrants.  And so I registered today with the California Secretary of State as a Democrat.  And I am mailing my ballot to the O.C. Voter Registrar’s office tomorrow.

I can’t wait for the 2012 elections.

By Editor

The New Santa Ana blog has been covering news, events and politics in Santa Ana since 2009.

30 thoughts on “New Santa Ana’s editor, Art Pedroza, joins the Democratic Party”
  1. Welcome aboard, Hermano!

    I think the redistricting of AD69, SD34, and CD47 isn’t gonna be as bad as you think … thanks to the tireless work of LULAC, Armando de la Paz, and many others. It looks like we may have managed to keep the whole “Latino community of interest” together after all.

    Now we just gotta make sure all these Latino citizens get out and vote!

  2. Who is Vern referring to when he says “most of ‘em won’t”?

    The LibOC a$$holes and their crew? They don’t represent mainstream Democrats.

  3. Pedroza, is the man that santa ana loves to hate and hates to love. I would not completely trust him just yet. 2012 is coming and we can all use some extra beer money.

  4. Listening to FDR’s “fair share” speeches last night, a group of actvists for a non-partsain effort I work with were stunned as to how similar it is to todays financial woes.

    Good move Art.

  5. Pedroza, you are changing parties affiliation as one changes his dirty underwear.

    I guess that only party you have not tried yet is communist one even though you are acting like one!

    I do not know who would take you seriously.

    1. How exactly am I acting like a communist Fiala?

      As for being taken seriously, this is now the #1 political blog in Orange County, according to That is good enough for me amigo.

  6. “this is now the #1 political blog in Orange County”….. Hmmm

    That is what communists claimed about Pravda and Izvestia.

    In fact there was no izvestia in pravda and no pravda in izvestia.

    1. The status is based on actual data collected by Fiala. Numbers don’t lie.

      Thanks for reading our blog! Be sure to click on some of our ads…

  7. “Numbers do not lie”….. Hmmmm

    Only if you know how to interpret them.

    You are not so good in doing so.

    Ads suck and I never said that I do not read your blog if I find something interesting and not boring which is rare.

    I am sure that millions of misguided surfers will agree.

  8. “It is time to stop the dark horse candidates!”….. Hmmmm

    Be extremely subtle, even to the point of formlessness. Be extremely mysterious, even to the point of soundlessness. Thereby you can be the director of the opponent’s fate.
    Sun Tzu

    1. “It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn’t use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like “What about lunch?”

      Winnie the Pooh

    1. “Rhetoric does not get you anywhere, because Hitler and Mussolini are just as good at rhetoric. But if you can bring these people down with comedy, they stand no chance.”

      Mel Brooks

    1. Here you go, courtesy of Jokes of the Velvet Revolution:

      The Seven Wonders of Socialism

      1. Everybody is employed.
      2. Although everybody is employed, nobody works
      3. Although nobody works, everybody fulfills the plan.
      4. Although everybody fulfills the plan, there are no goods.
      5. Although there are no goods, everybody has everything.
      6. Although everybody has everything, everybody steals.
      7. Although everybody steals, nothing is ever missing.
      6. Although everybody has everything, nobody is satisfied.
      7. Although nobody is satisfied, the Communist party always gets 100% of the vote.

    1. Not that long. I went back to Decline to State and actually stayed that way for quite awhile. I have a lot of Libertarian views but the party itself just can’t compete – nor can any of the third parties. Santa Ana is dominated by Democrats and I agree with them on social positions so it makes sense to work with them, particularly since I am no fan of the Mexican bashing Republicans.

  9. Pero Art,

    That’s a misconception don’t you think? To say ALL Republicans are “Mexican bashing”
    I myself am a Republican and I’m not anti-immigrants…further we should not limit it only to Mexicans because immigrants come from all Latin America and all parts of the world.

    1. Jonathan,

      I was once like you amigo – but I simply could not belong to a party that is so incredibly anti-immigrant – and in particular anti-Mexican. You my friend are an exception to the rule.

  10. Art,

    I used to consider myself a Conservative Democrat because I tend to be Socially Liberal and Economically CONSERVATIVE! However I have found that the Republican Party suits me…I may not agree with everything but for the most part it suits me, and don’t get me wrong we ALL have the right to chose.

    I may be an exception to the rule, but I don’t think it’s fair to consider someone a “Mexican Basher” simply because they’re Republican…I agree there are extremists, but that’s like saying that all Muslims are terrorists and that’s simply not true. Many are great people! There are many immigrant republicans…and further…it would be like saying all Democrats are Socialist Communists…

    I just don’t think it’s right to judge a group because we believe in an idea.

    I mean this with all due respects, Art. I disagree with you.

    1. I hear you Jonathan. Listen I was the ONLY Latino elected to the OC GOP Central Committee in 2006. The racism at their meetings was so gross that I finally quit their party and have never looked back. Just look at the rhetoric they engage in, in every campaign. Sorry amigo but their party most certainly is anti-Latino. But if it works for you, then stay there and do what you can. I am glad that you are at least engaged in politics and trying to do the best for your community. Anything is better than apathy!

  11. Art,

    Again, there will be extremists, and I have attended OC GOP Central Committee meetings and I have heard distasteful comments, but you can narrow it down to certain extremist individuals, but we can’t make assumptions about a group based on one person’s actions.

    I just believe that the Republican Party is surrounded by a cloud of misconception in Orange County. There are many Hispanic Republicans, and I actually spent three weeks doing research on how Latino/Hispanic culture is CONSERVATIVE by nature. I wrote a paper.

    Politics isn’t about who’s right and wrong my friend, it’s about bringing different ideas together…and in the end…as public servants we must answer to the people, not our political parties, something current elected officials have forgotten.

    PS: Reagan passed amnesty…doesn’t sound very anti-immigrant. Further, Republicans want reform…and I agree with them. This doesn’t make me a racist “Latino/Hispanic” basher though.

    1. Jonathan,

      Yes, Reagan did – but whatever good will that generated was used up long ago.

      That said, you ought to run for the OC GOP Central Committee. They could use your help.

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