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Mayor Miguel Pulido

Mayor Miguel Pulido

Press Release, For Immediate Release: May 22, 2105

Press response: DA investigation

I am pleased to be vindicated by the Orange County District Attorney. After a lengthy investigation, I am happy that the DA’s conclusions of no wrongdoing were consistent with my understanding of the actions I took. In addition, the FPPC violations, which I have corrected, are reporting violations which I believe constituted no harm to the public. I believe that whether or not my father traded his business property for a home in Westminster has no impact on how I vote to reduce smog in Southern California, in my capacity as a board member for the AQMD.

I am relieved that after interviewing numerous witnesses – government experts, percipient witnesses and the Santa Ana City Attorney, and after involving the Orange County Grand Jury, closely reviewing 9,201 pages of subpoenaed documents, the District Attorney has exonerated me from wrongdoing.

Serving in public office is a responsibility I take seriously. In the course of conducting City Council business with lengthy agenda reports and complex items, it is possible to inadvertently, and without malice, make a vote in error.

The facts surrounding this entire investigation center on a vote that occurred on a 500-page agenda. The item was a renewal of an existing contract for $50,000 that had previously been put out for formal bid, was awarded to the lowest bidder and was unanimously approved by the rest of the city council. At no time did I attempt to influence, or even discuss the contract, with other council members or city staff. My affirmative vote had no bearing on the outcome of the contract for NAPA auto parts, and there was clearly no personal benefit to me. Further, the allegation that I benefited from a land trade with the owner of the NAPA store was proven to be factually inaccurate and substantiated by multiple appraisals.

I am happy that this investigation has been terminated and that I can now move forth to fully focus as mayor on the City’s business.


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14 thoughts on “Mayor Pulido vindicated by the O.C. District Attorney”
  1. ““We reached the conclusion that .. administrative charges and penalties are appropriate sanctions for unlawful conduct to which Mayor Pulido has admitted ..”

    That doesn’t sound like a “vindication” to me.

      1. What don’t you understand about the DA saying .. “unlawful conduct to which Mayor Pulido has admitted” ?

        How do you think that is going to look on a Pulido opponent’s election flyer?

        1. “How do you think that is going to look on a Pulido opponent’s election flyer?”

          Not as bad as posing with two members of the Mexican Mafia. Homie!

  2. This was a case of making a mountain out of a molehill. The last time I checked, the OC District Attorney and bodies like the FPPC get to make determine wrong doing, not fledgling reporters on a political blog (nice try Adam).

    The reality is this was little more than a administrative misstep. Once again, if Adam Elemereks of the world want a different mayor, pick someone better than Reyna, Benavides or Amezcua.

  3. Vindicated by his buddy the D.A. Racacas…….(; sure we believe in that investigation. Sucio.

  4. I am can’t wait to see what happens when people tire of Adam’s seemingly endless pursuit of .this GO NOWHERE story. You can already see signs of from Joe and Kim Gerda, the other Council Members (Save the Mexican Mafia dude) and even Noberto Santana himself has softened things a bit. the trouble with being a “one trick pony”, is that same trick get’s BORING.

    Adam should run for mayor!

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