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Has Mayor Pulido finally remembered his raza?

Can you believe it?  Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido is standing up against the racial profiling bill in Arizona!

Pulido, along with Council Members Claudia Alvarez and Vince Sarmiento, has put an item on the agenda for Monday night’s City Council meeting in opposition to Arizona’s SB 1070.  I am told that the City Council will also direct the City administration to not do business with any companies from Arizona.

The motion also asks the federal government for comprehensive immigration reform.  Click here to download the City Council meeting agenda.

One has to wonder if Pulido’s opponent for mayor, Alfredo Amezcua, will speak out in support of this motion.  Amezcua has allied with Santa Ana’s Usual Suspects.  It is not likely that they will support this motion. 

One of the Usual Suspects, Thomas Gordon, is running against Councilman Tinajero.  It is not likely that Gordon will take a public position on this motion.

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8 thoughts on “Mayor Miguel Pulido takes a stand against Arizona’s SB 1070”
  1. I wish I could believe that the motives of the Gang of Three were sincere. Showboating and pandering appears to be the political agenda. If the Gang of Three have been more consistent in supporting and meeting with grassroots and neighborhood groups, I would be more believeing. Maybe it is there body language, facial expressions, words and actions that make you question. The genie is out of the bottle and the community is rising.

  2. Private citizens have taken it upon themselves to protest the Arizona law by taking it to the streets. Local leaders have enough issues locally to keep them busy without latching onto this bandwagon.

  3. I am so pleased that Mayor Pulido and his Council Memberh has the time, energy and finances to dabble in the affairs of Arizona, but not the same for the problems mounting in Santa Ana. What influenced this action for Arizona, and what is he doing about the “Real” problems in Santa Ana?

    1. Robert,

      Maybe they were influenced by the plight of our people? Latinos are the majority here in Santa Ana.

      I applaud the Mayor and the Council for standing up for our people.

  4. I am an American born Hispanic(Chicano) and i think it is a conflict of interest for our mayor (Mexico born) to use his office to negate Immigration reform. The problem with our nation is it reacted way to late to our immigration problem and left the flood gates open for decades and now it wants to reverse the tide. We have millions of illegal immigrants in our country the problem we’re having is getting people to understand there is a right way and a wrong way to migrate to this country.

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