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For Immediate Release: September 20, 2012
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Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido Announces Key Endorsements for his Re-Election Campaign

Mayor’s High Name Recognition, Plus Accomplishments & Key Endorsements will Lead Him to Victory

Santa Ana – Today Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido announced major endorsements in support of his re-election campaign this November. His new list of endorsements now includes:

  • State Assemblyman Jose Solorio
  • Santa Ana School Board President Rob Richardson
  • Santa Ana School Board Member Jose Hernandez
  • Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez
  • Former Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Lisa Bist
  • Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Larry Labrado
  • Democratic Party of Orange County Chair Frank Barbaro
  • Democratic Foundation of Orange County Chair Dan Jacobson
  • Orange County Business Council CEO Lucy Dunn
  • Los Angeles/Orange County Building Trades Council
  • Orange County Professional Firefighters
  • Teamsters, Local 952

“I’m honored to receive the support of local leaders and organizations that know the needs of our city and my ability to provide strong and consistent leadership to get the job done,” says Mayor Pulido.

“Over the next few weeks, I will reach out to Santa Ana voters, feature key endorsements, and most importantly, share numerous accomplishments from my current term as Mayor. Those accomplishments include historic low crime rates, rehabilitation of hundreds of miles of neighborhood streets, and balanced budgets.”

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10 thoughts on “Mayor Miguel Pulido announces key endorsements for his re-election campaign”
  1. “Bone the receptionist at the U.S. Bank”
    Has that relationship been Illegally foreclosed on yet?
    Or is he/she still being strung along for the interest payments?

  2. Watch now as Daviiiiiiiiid finds out how little he knows about campaigning.

    How about a prize for predicting the final vote tally in the Mayors race? Maybe a New Santa Ana coffee mug or T-shirt?

  3. I have been fighting with Admin for two weeks now. He says that we should import New Santa Ana mugs from China. I say we should have them made at the SAC ceramics dept. I am more patriotic than his.

  4. “Those accomplishments include historic low crime rates”

    Can someone fact check this? I learned from a very trusted source,, that crime is through the roof! And just this month I got my bike stolen! What gives?!

  5. Yes Brian, political crime is on the upswing in Santa Ana. I recently got an invite from COuncilman David Benavides which said,

    “Your New Council Majority Demand that you give Cash to David and the rest of us Councilmembers and people we support or else!”

    That’s not exactly what it said, but it IS exactly what they meant!

    This is classic Strong arm tactics so common on the streets of East L.A., New York, Chicago, etc

    It’s the old….pay me some money and I’ll make sure the windows in your store don’t get smashed.

    This kind of heavy handed politics will be strongly rejected by the voters in the fall. The “New Council Majority” will find out that 3rd world politics have no place in EEUU.

    1. If that’s what you got out of it I seriously doubt you paid enough money for whatever degree you have, but as long as they get my bike back then give them more money you fool! It was a pretty bike!

      On a side note, “That’s not exactly what it said, but it IS exactly what they meant!” you seem kinda paranoid. I’d get that checked.

  6. So I am pretty sneaky using this clever name to hide my identity. This way I can continue to blog at work! Besides, we’ve destroyed this county perfectly, the union runs things now.

    Even though I only graduated High School, and I wasn’t smart enough to use protection in the hieght of the crisis, I still think Claudia would be a disaster for the College board, I mean a Law degree from Loyola? Come on, it’s not like she really learned anything at this Highly regarded Jesuit school.

    We have street smarts, like the time Dan, was walking his dog down Yale and he saw a black guy. He called 911 right away so the IPD could pull a Kelley Thomas on him.

    Got to go, traffic back to Long beach sucks on fridays (just like Andy!)

  7. Let me be clear,

    I am Joe Hill. The other Joe Hill, a union delegate for county workers, whose alternate ego writes under a different name for another blog. Kinda like what Matt Cunningham used to do. You know, write something by Joe and let Chris comment on it.

    But, somehow this ruffles thier feathers. I guess they are the only ones allowed to lie and mislead. Funny part is, Thier Joe Hill selectively writes about PRO UNION issues and publishes while his alter ego is at work at the County.

    So the double standards continue.

    But at least I live in Orange County.

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