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Bicycle Accident News

A man in his early 40s, whose identity is not yet known, lost control of his bicycle and was hit by an oncoming pickup truck on Wednesday night, while going east in a bike lane near the 900 block of East McFadden Avenue, in Santa Ana, at 9:05 p.m, according to the O.C. Register.

The man apparently lost control and veered into traffic.  He was hit by an oncoming truck whose driver did not have sufficient time to stop.

The bicyclist ended up at a local a hospital with major injuries.  The pickup truck driver stayed at the accident scene and he cooperated with SAPD investigators.  The bicyclist was not wearing a helmet when he was struck.

The accident snarled traffic in both directions on McFadden Ave. near South Standard Ave. for several hours.

The accident occurred a few blocks west of Kennedy Elementary School, north of Madison Park.

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17 thoughts on “Man on bike loses control and is hit by an oncoming pickup truck near Kennedy Elementary School”
  1. This article is far from the truth!!!! He did not lose control and he was not going the wrong way. The man who hit him was on his phone and going way above the speed limit. Not paying attention and her veered onto the side walk where he was.

    1. Apparently the newspaper article we referenced was wrong. That means the police got it wrong. Unfortunately there have been no updates to this story. Thanks for setting the record straight.

    2. I m writing to u in regards to ur comment the man that got hit was my daughter’s father.i know u said u seen wat happpened and i do wish u would come forward w wat u seen.both me and my 15 yr old daughter knew it wasnt true wat the oc register had said cause things dnt add up. I dnt know if u have kids or not but since this has happened me and my lil girl cant sleep or really eat much and she cant even concentrate at her 1st yr in high school. Her and her dad were very very close we need justice done for the idiot who was driving and tLking on a cell phone which is illegal in the first place. Plse come forward and go to the police and tell them wat u seen or know so that the person can be punshed for what they did . Even though they stayed its not going to bring back my lil girls dad they killed him . He died 2days later he had such traumatic injuries as a severed spine 2 collapsed lungs internal bleeding in his body and face from severe facial fractures. He died on the way to the hospital but they got him back only for him to pass away 2days later. No child deserves to loose her father at such a young age so horrifically when theres someone who seen wat happened and dont want to tell the police so the person who did it can be in prison for murder. My lil girl cries every day for her daddy. Plse come forward so her dad can rest in peace and so my daughter can live knowi g the truth of what happened to her dad and be able to go to court and tell that person wat they took away from her forever. Put urself in a 15 yr olds place wouldnt u want justice done if there was someo e out there who seen wat happened and didnt come forward how would u feel not ever k owing the truth? Her father was laying in a hospital bed and the only thing keeping him alive was life support. His brain activity was only at 2 % I hurt every day as well cause i cant give her the answer as to why someone. Would kill her father out of cold blood. So plse im begging u for my daughters sake plse go to the s.a.p.d and tell them wat u seen since u said u seen it happe. And r a witness. Can u live w ur self knowing a lil girl has no dad and the killer is out free where they can kill again ? What if it happpened to someone u loved? All im asking is that u plse do the f ite thing for God s sake and help lil girl have peace in her heart. Plse i hope u will get back to me w a postive response. I dnt mean no type of disrespect i am just trying to get justice for my daughter and the man i loved

  2. To anonymous im writing u this comment to plse ask for ur help the man that got hit on the bike was my 15 yr olds father. We both have thought what the paper had said was wrong and all lies . I know there’s no bike lanes around there. Since this has happened my daughter’s very distraught she just started school for the first time and she cant concentrate at school and cries nite and day we r both destroyed by this happening. I dnt know if u have kids but if u do and this happened to u and someone was a witness to it wouldnt u want the person to come forward so the person or persons could be punished and pay for the crime they did ? My daughter’s dad passed away a couple days after the so called acccident . To me and my daughter believe he was murdered since the idiot that hit him was on a damn cell phone and deserves to be put in prison. Dont u think? Now my lil girl has to vrow up with out a daddy and she was very very close to her dad. That person caused her dad such bad injuries he had 2 punctured lungs , severe internal bleeding in his body face and several facial fractures and a severed spine . He had tubes everywhere. And he died on the way to the hospital but they got him back but jot for long. The only thing keeping him alive was life support. Im pleading w u to do the rite thing and go to the police and tell them what u know so that he can rest in. Peace and so my daughter and i can get justice for her dad and put that person in prison where they belong for muder. Like i said if it was u or someone in ur family and someone knew important info wouldnt u want the person to tell the police what really happened. My 15 yr old daughter cant even hardly eat or sleep til she finds out the truth as well as myself.plse make it rite if u believe in God u will d ok the rite thing me and my daughter r begging u to plse help us . Ur our only hope . The cops havent done much since it seems noone has come forward as any witnesses plse help put closer for a lil girls sake . She needs it so much.her father was barley 42 yrs old way too young to go in such a horrific painful way. Im hoping u will get back to me and help us get some very needed justice for my daughter and her father

    1. Robyn…. stop putting Timmy info out there I’m not anonymous I’m part of the family. You should really read what was wrote. You have no idea what we have been doing or who we have been talking to. The article was incorrect and I was pointing that out. Des has plenty of family for support and you should let her grieve with us but all you have been worried about what you are going to get out of it. Stop…. he was not murdered it was an accident weather or not he was on the phone. Murder would have been if he did it on purpose and that’s not the case good bad or otherwise.

      1. Ok so if ur part of the family then who r u ? Dont come at me the way u are. Desi wants to know exactly what happened to timmy and it seems as though u or no none in the family is willing to tell her shit about what happened in the case of which caused his death. She does feel quilty having u all pulling the plug on timmy she really wasnt ready to have it do e but she knew noone whould listen to her thats what she had told me the next day. Im not keeping her from grieving w any of her family u guys r doing it on ur own. No one calls to see how shes doing or seems to eve. Care and i dnt know why if ur part of the family when u wrote what u did why didnt u say who u are why hide it ? Unless ur quilty of something desi has the right to know whats going on when it comes to her dad and his life insurance which tony didnt even know of til i told him. Desi is entitled to whats hers and no one in ur family should be keeping nothing from her. And ur very wrong by saying im only concerned about whats i. It for me. That’s where ur very wrong. U dnt have no idea of mine and timmys relationship was at all. Just tell me who u r and talk like adults about it all and that way desi can know what she deserves to know about who really is responsible for hitting her dad since it seems like u know who did it and hiding it is wrong and who ever did it deserves somekind of punishment for driving and talking on da phone and hit timmy

        1. Look I have put you in your place before for taking desi money….. you know who I am don’t act like you dont!!!! You only want answers to what you are not entitled to know…. he was not with you and you f*cked him over in any way you could. He paid what he needed too and you still had the nerve to call the family and say you needed shame. I bought your daughter school clothes, shoes and have had birthday parties for her at “my house” but I didn’t do it for you I did it for her and Tim. So get your head out of your ass and yes this her Aunt weather you like it or not and I’m the only one on her dad side. And I will always look out for her and I hope when she is old enough she leaves you because all you have done is take advantage of the fact that she comes from a good family to get what ever you can. Think twice before you call again asking for money for laundry. Because I will do hers clothes but not for you and your other adult kids. You have my number call me better yet don’t ever…. she can call but knowing you, you will use her saying you don’t have groceries because you spent your money on your bad habits. And as far as the life insurance he didn’t have any and if he did you wouldn’t see a penny because he knew what kind of women he dumped along time ago.

          1. First of all letty i left timmy when desi was 7mo old so get that straight now . Tim did have life insurance u think im stupid he told me himself and i was the one helping him when he was on the streets hed stay at my place for up to 2 wks at a time and i did and o aid for jis laundry and he showered he all the time as well. He told me he couldnt stsy at ur house cause ur mother wouldnt allow him to stay there not even for one night. And u guys made my desi pull the plug when she didnt really want to she said none of u would listen to her cause shes only a kid .she has a rite to know the truth about wst happened to her dad now not when shes an adult. She tells me she has nightmares about him dying and cant concentrate at school and cant concentrate on her school work. So wat u all want her to flunk out of high school cause u all r to ignorant to tell her the truth about who really killed her dad and stole all his stuff i know u and tone have his wallet and theres pics of my other kids in there that i want as well as desis too. U guys dnt know how timmy was to me ok. He could have killed me after a surgery i had when he was suppised to be taking care of desi when she was a bby but no he had my grandma take care of her and i got an infection cause of him. Im not looking to gain any financial means just want to make sure desi gets wats hers and ths t she has it for things she needs so that way i dnt have to ask tone for it. If timmy gated me so much then he wouldnt have been staying here off and on and having me trim his mustache all the time u dnt hardly know me so until u do u need to stop talking shit

          2. A 15 year old girl is not capable of making that decision. She didn’t pull the plug you are an idiot. They didn’t call you or her because he had paperwork on him to contact me or his brother not you and he made not mention of having a daughter. Think about that. You as a mothere you should reassure her it wasn’t her fault.

        2. When she is an adult is will have the full answers. But as far you… you are not entitled to anything. You have never acted like an adult and I know way more than you think Tim was here at my house everyday and we know a lot more than you think why do you think we know so much about you. You should have read this first comment before you ran your mouth about a witness go to where it happened but of course it never occurred to you to that right. Des is always welcomed but as far as you never ever contact us again nobody ever liked you to start with and your apology didn’t mean anything.

          1. I did read the reply tone where u put anonymous and from what it said i sounded like timmy was hit on purpose not by accident. And i do have a rite to know how he really was killed. And so does desi. Now not as an adult. So u want her to flunk out of high school i guess then huh ? Since her father died she has nightmares and cant concentrate at school or on her homework either. And she blames herself for u guys pulling the plug. She didnt want to so soon but didnt think u guys would listen to her cause shes just a kid. Maybe all of u were ready to let timmy die but me and desi werent. U all think i didnt care for tim well i did alot. Thats why i took care of him by letting him stay here off and o for 2 wks at a time and washed and i paid for his clothes to be washed cause he didnt have the money to do it so id do it for him. I even bought him a blanket and pillow for him to use when hed stay here which desi uses now every night.ive always known ur whole family hated me and i dnt care. U all favor all the other lil kids and basically jgnore desi most of the time not so much u tkne but the rest of ur family does whether ur family hates me or not they shouldnt take it out on desi and she has asked me why ur family hates her so much and i said they dont and she says mom im not stupid thats why they all ignore me most the time and never call me on my and only usually see me twice a year on thanks giving and xmas and thats true and u know it. Desi has every rite to know the truth about timmy’s death now so she can be at peace and be able to focus at school and not sleep all the time and she hardly even wants to eat cause she cant stop thinking of how her dad died. If u care u will tell her now u say u love and care about her so much then proove it and tell her the truth about timmy so she can have peace and know its not her fault. And about the life insurance dnt lie and say he didnt have it cause i k I ow he did he was paying on it so thats how i know he had one u most likely threw away all the paper work when u threw away all the papers in his packpack like a dumb ass i stead of looking at it all first. And i want desi to have whats hers so i dnt have to tell u wat she needs that way i can take her and buy her what she needs shes not going to wanna go w u or letty to buy her bras and underwear

          2. Obviously he lied to you because he was allowed to stay here and at his other Aunts house. So why didn’t he stay that night? You are just lying to try to make yourself feel better. None of us seen you shed a single tear maybe because to busy falling alseep at viewing. If she really didn’t want him disconnected she should have said something. Dont blame me for her flunking out of school thats all your doing you have a history since before she was in high school or junior high that you would not send her to school for days on end just because you were too lazy to get up.Timmy told us plenty about you why the hell do you think we know so much and we put up with you because of des. You were not ready for him to die only because you wanted something from him like he would tell me about he can’t stay with you unless he gives you money to buy your cigarettes. And his back pack and other things are in evidence and Sa police department. You forget his mail came here and order to have a life insurance you have to pay it and not go into default by not paying over 3 month’s. If you think we would try to keep desi money if Timmy had any for her you are fucken wrong…. you want it for you we are not dumb. You cant even keep your phone so how is anyone supposed to check on her? You and I are not in same financial situation for me to want to keep something that’s is not mine!!!! I work for what I have something you know nothing about … Dont you remember who the fuck would take groceries to your apartment for you and your others that are not Tim kids…. on more than one occasion… you are one sorry person and very ungrateful. That’s why You were not allowed at the hospital but I said maybe des might need you and convince the family to let you come. Even though Tim said if anything ever happens to him he did not want you there. I have taken Desi to buy those things before she might not want to now because he would tell us how you turn her against us. We call des she is the one that doesn’t call unless your pushing her to ask for money. You use her knowing we won’t say no to her. And one more thing before I stop responding to ignorance maybe she wouldn’t have nightmares if you didn’t take pictures of her dad in a coffin looking nothing like the man he was. You really won the mother of the year award with that…. but yet your only looking for what best for her…. get the f*ck out here with that!!!! You only want what’s best for you.

          3. You as a mother let your think that way…. you are the stupid one and really need to stop running your mouth and talking shit. Maybe you ask her what she got from us for her birthday bet she didn’t tell you about that money right…. I can’t say why and even if they ignore her but each one of us have our own families and our own kids to worry about. You mistake our kindness to her and think she is our responsibility no she is your daughter and we do what ever we can for her and it’s more than most would do and I’m sure it’s more than your family gives her.

          4. Look dumbasses i know desi was too young to give permission to have the life support plug pulled she only agreed cause she knew if she said no u asses whould do it anyways. An i wouldnt only let timmy only stay here if he bought me cigarettes once kn a while id asked him and id give him the money when hed get here. I asked him before if he could stay with u tone and letty but hed say no cause lettys mom is a f*cken bitch and didnt really like timmy. And he told me he didnt wanna stay at lulu’s or carol’s houses. Ause he said they’re bitches so there goes to show u how he felt about ur family fucker. U know i dnt keep desi from u shes 15 shes old enough to decide if she wants to go w u. Oh and by the way yes desi did show me the 150.00 u gave her for her so f*cken wat u want a cookie ? She used it on the hot topic web site to buy what ever she wanted i for u information i didnt touch none of it. And when she’d go see or be out w u i wouldnt ask to ask u for money and my family does enough for desi on her and on cmas and thanksgiving and my grandma is 90 yrs old and cant do as much and most of family hasnt done hardly sh*t since desi was born. Ur whole family has sh*t against her cause shes not full Hispanic what did u asses expect when timmy f*cked a white female a full blooded Hispanic damn u guys r stupid to play favorites w all the cousins desi has u all pay more attention to them and she knows it too. U sll have hurt her alot by ignoring her mostly all her life and now more since timmy died that u guys know how and the real truth about and ur lyiers the the cops dnt have timmys back pack as evidence at the station stupid ass tone gave it to me or wat dumbass tone u dnt remember u brought it over here and timmy was psying on the life insurance he told me . Snd u tone can get into trouble for fraud for letting timmy lie and say he was living at ur house so he could get his social security benefits

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