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An Orange County Superior Court judge has ruled that Santa Ana City Councilwoman Claudia Alvarez may not run for a fourth council term, according to the Voice of OC.  I have also confirmed this with my own sources – Alvarez’ political career is over – or is it?  She can still run for Mayor of Santa Ana, although that is not likely as Mayor Miguel Pulido supported her attempt to run again.  And she could run for the Santa Ana Unified School District’s Board of Education, or for the Rancho Santiago Community College District’s Board of Education. 

The unfortunate side affect of this ruling is that it decreases the chance that an opponent to Pulido will arise.  If someone does challenge him then Alvarez will likely run for Mayor and count on a vote split putting her in office, particularly if one of her male colleagues opts to run against Pulido.  Her defeat in this lawsuit likely means Pulido will sail to an easy victory in November.

Alvarez remains a very popular politician in Santa Ana but the Usual Suspects certainly hate her.  They have hated her ever since she beat one of their own – Nancy Lutz. 

Alvarez was instrumental in getting rid of former City Manager Dave Ream.  She also helped rid City Hall of most of the Usual Suspects who served on our City Commissions.  And she helped force many of Ream’s lieutenants out as well.

With Alvarez out it is likely that SAUSD Trustee Roman Reyna will file his nomination papers for Ward 5 next week.  He will face off against young newcomer Karina Onofre, who became a Republican when disgraced Council Member Carlos Bustamante convinced her that it was a good idea to join the GOP.

With Reyna’s exit from the SAUSD Board, there is now one open seat to run for.  Two incumbents are running – Rob Richardson and Jose Alfredo Hernandez.  There are two challengers so far – Sergio Verino and Valerie Amezcua (more on her in a subsequent post).

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18 thoughts on “Judge rules that Alvarez cannot run again for the Santa Ana City Council”
  1. Art, You must run for School Board Now. This is the opportunity you have been waiting for. Santa Ana needs you! Please run.

  2. Wasn’t there some controversy involving Verino when he was a school district security guard?

    1. It was awhile ago but I heard that he allegedly bragged back then about making more money than the teachers did. I can’t imagine that went over very well. But it was a long time ago.

  3. Roman Reyna been hanging at the 8th floor of city hall like he is part of the clique. We need new blood in city Hall, Karina Onofre is not a politician, she is one of us, she wants to represent us and wants the best for the city of Santa Ana. She is already a quite succesful business woman, so we know she is not in it for the money. She’s in it to bring in new ideas and fiscal policies and save our city!!! (buhbye Alvarez, boohoo Reyna) We need to Vote Karina Onofre for Santa Ana City Council in Ward 5

    1. I want our leaders to help improve our community, and I’ve seen Roman Reyna do exactly that. I don’t care if Onofre is a successful business woman, I want to know how she’ll help shape Santa Ana. Yea she might be new blood, but Roman Reyna has already helped our youth and proven he cares about our future. You say she’s “one of us” a “quite successful business woman.” Here’s the newsflash: the majority of “us” (Santa Ana citizens) are barely making minimum wage. Just because she’s successful does not mean she’s in it for the money! Look at our federal government! That’s the perfect example! What evidence do you have that Onofre isn’t like them?

  4. I suspect you’re right. If we vote for Reyna, means that you are also voting for Pulido and his unlimited terms and it also mean that you are satiesfied with the current city council, becuse Reyna will fit right in as he is fitting himself right in with Pulido gang.

  5. I seem to remember a controversy regarding Verino as well but thought it was more of the Bustamante variety.

  6. Pull your hand away from the heart Claudia. This is no time for pity. That is all the empty song of yesterday.
    So here we go again.
    You and I sister.
    Enemies of the “people”! We serve the Gods!
    Here we go again.

  7. Change of direction.

    Isn’t there a high paying job opening available?

    One without term limits and has more hands on action with Santa Ana city operations.

    Assistant city manager?

  8. “Assistant city manager”……. Hmmmmm

    Do you mean for Claudia?
    She already has one as an assistant DA.
    Since she allegedly dated Police Chief/ City Manager Paul Walters, she can’t be his assistant.

    There would be too much Bustamantism in the office.

  9. Wouldn’t she be a shoe-in for for Santa Ana School Board with her Councilmember/Deputy D.A. title?

    1. I think it would be even easier for her to win a seat on the Rancho Board, in Area 5. The two white candidates will split that vote, allowing Alvarez to prevail.

  10. Funny fiala but when I read your post I was thinking for the first time ever you actually made sense Hmmmm …… I’m glad claudia will soon be gone.

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