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Before I get to the point of this post I would like to thank the administrator here at New Santa Ana for allowing me to pen this post and share it with the readers.  Despite what our good friend from Irvine says, I am not blogging again here or anywhere else.  However I felt what I am about to write needed to be said.

The last couple of weeks have been quite tumultuous here in Santa Ana and it culminated last evening with the city council’s action regarding the unfortunate comments made by Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez.  I know from speaking to a number of the councilmembers just how tough it has been on them personally as they have dealt with this emotionally charged issue.  It has not been a fun time for anyone of them, not Claudia and not David or Carlos either.

Clearly I have been critical of many of Councilmember Benavides actions during his time on the council and I did not support the majority of the items included in the 85A last night, the exception being the condemnation of Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez’s comments which was passed by the council.  With that being said I would like to commend Councilmember Benavides for the way he conducted himself last night and throughout this whole process.

When it was Councilmember Benavides turn to speak last night he did so eloquently, thoughtfully, respectfully and quite professionally.  He did not seize upon this moment to take pot shots at Mayor Pro Tem Alvarez just to throw red meat to his voracious base of supporters in the audience.  He handled it with dignity.

When the vote was cast and Councilmember Benavides found himself on the losing end of the 4-3 vote he continued to take the high road unlike so many of his friends in the chambers.  He did not lash out and berate his colleagues.  He did not talk of recalls or hurl insults.  He held his head high, kept his eye on the prize and sent a message that I hope resonates with all of Santa Ana.

The democratic processed had worked and David recognized this.  He said, “The vote has been cast and the decision has been made.  It is time to move on.”

I certainly hope that this is the case and we do move on.  Our city is facing serious matters in the coming months and years and it is time that we focus on them and not get sidetracked by wedge issues.  I know that the council has put this issue behind them and now the community must do the same.  I sure hope David’s words resonate with his supporters as well as his detractors.

Thank you Councilmember Benavides and the entire Santa Ana City Council for the leadership you demonstrated last night.  David you acted with dignity.

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16 thoughts on “Councilmember Benavides handled situation with dignity”
  1. “Councilmember Benavides handled situation with dignity”….. Hmmmm

    That reminds me the Charlie Chaplin’s “The Kid” where his kid was braking windows with stones and Chaplin was following and repairing them.

    If you put unlawful item on agenda to create a forum for self serving monologs, you can’t never act with dignity.

    It was unethical setup by the entire council.


  2. Sean, I like your approach. You got it right. We should not be sidetracked by Wedge issues.
    Benavides and Sarmiento were both very professional and mature about the issue regardless of that “lack of sleep” look on their faces. I hope they did some good tequila and shut eye that night.

  3. One positive through this is that the Council and the public were able to learn a lot about the Santa Ana Code of Ethics and Conduct.

    1. This will backfire on the B-Boys. Sooner or later it will be used against them. Bustamante is bound to say something sexist again and Benavides just can’t stop honoring the Minutemen.

  4. Admin = leading member of the “I Don’t Want to Move On…I Want to Continue Dredging Up The Past and Thinking the Worst of Some People” coalition.

  5. Its too bad that Vince with his substitute motion did not mention the 1000 dollar fine for violation of the code. Does the city attorney bill her?

  6. yeah – the incidents started 8 years ago and continued regularly. She should have apologized to all of the residents of Santa Ana – she embarassed all of us.

  7. Well if the Usual Suspects do it, then that must make it OK for you to do it. How silly of me not to recognize that. Pardon me, sir…please do proceed on their level.

  8. The problem is that Santa Ana people are stupid. Not that Alvarez violated the Code of Ethics.

    Some people simply cannot understand that Code of Ethics does not apply in the chamber.

    That is why the government can violate law.

    A classical violation of ethics is Bustamante “water bra” speech or if Alvarez would uttered same anyplace else than in the chamber.

    But idiots and moron mongoloids will keep cumming with the Code of Ethic.

    That is what happens if you have Santa Ana education.

  9. I should add that you all should be concerned why “Bustamante/ Benavides” were able to put item 85A on the agenda and city attorney was silent.

    That smells corruption and fascism or he is simply not qualified for the governmental job!

  10. “And Benavides honored Minutemen just last year”

    you know that is not correct.

    He honored members of a 4th of July committee.

    Guilt by association is pretty low, and that BS directly led to the mayor pro tem being Censured Tuesday night.

    1. That Committee included Minuteman Lupe Moreno and a slew of Republicans. And one of Moreno’s Minutemen called our residents “wetbacks.” I am sure you saw the video.

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