Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Santa Ana Council Member Vince Sarmiento, who is widely respected by both Democrats and Republicans, sent out a letter via email yesterday encouraging his supporters to back his colleague, Santa Ana Council Member Michele Martinez, for the 69th Assembly District.  Sarmiento and his wife are hosting a fundraiser for her on Thursday, Feb. 23.  Here is Sarmiento’s eloquent letter:

I am writing to urge you to join my wife and I in supporting Councilwoman Michele Martinez for election to the California Legislature. As a friend and colleague, Councilwoman Martinez has demonstrated that she is the best candidate for the 69th Assembly district. The district is currently represented by Assemblyman Jose Solorio, who is termed-out and has already endorsed Michele for his seat in the Assembly.

Michele is not only the best qualified candidate to represent the district, but during her six years on the Santa Ana City Council she has demonstrated that she is a leader who speaks out and acts to support and protect the interests of the people of Santa Ana. A strong advocate for public safety, education, health and economic development priorities. Michele will be a strong voice for Central Orange County in Sacramento.

I urge you to please take a few minutes to learn more about Michele and to help us elect her to the Legislature. Visit her website at or contact her at to learn about her background, experience, education and track record as a responsible and independent councilwoman.

On February 23rd my wife and I are hosting a fundraiser at our home to help get her message out to the voters. Please see attached invite for details and address to our home. If you cannot make it to our fundraiser, please consider sending her campaign a contribution of $100 today.

To contribute send your check to:
Michele Martinez for Assembly 2012
310 W. 3rd Street, #1018
Santa Ana, CA. 92701

Or you may also contribute online at:


Hon. Vincent Sarmiento and Eva Casas Sarmiento
Councilman, Ward 1
City of Santa Ana

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5 thoughts on “Martinez fundraising event tonight, at Sarmiento’s home”
  1. “Hon. Vincent Sarmiento”….. Hmmmm

    Where the “Hon.” comes from?

    Do you mean that if the council member does not bang coworker on conference table he earns title “Hon.”?

  2. HaHa! I bet the O.C. GOP crowd like Dykma, Baugh, Hennley, etc have smoke coming out of their ears seeing Carlos support a Democrat!!!LOL After all the $$$ they pumped into his campaigns!!!!

  3. “It is still HON. Bustamante to you!”…… Hmmmmm

    To me anyone who gets caught is a moron mongoloid regardless of the act.

    Therefore, it is MM.Bustamante.

    The rest are Magnificent as in Mag. Pulido. At least he knows how to lock the door.

    I place $100 wager that Mag. Pulido will never get implicated in a sex act….. Is anyone gone raise me?

  4. Have those Moron’s figured it out yet or are they still waving the VOC flag??

    Dan, here’s a clue: READ THE PAPER(S). then maybe, just maybe you’ll be more in tune. Like “A MINOR” ???????

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