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What will SAUSD Superintendent Thelma Melendez de Santa Ana do now?

Update: Fresno Unified is losing their QEIA funding too, due to low test scores, and San Bernardino Unified is losing 7 million in QEIA funding.

The Santa Ana Unified School District (SAUSD) has apparently lost their Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) funding, which will result in a huge excess of teachers – and no money to pay for them, according to a district insider who has asked to remain anonymous.  To make matters worse, the district did not “RIF,” (Reduction in Force) or lay off teachers, meaning they are now stuck paying the teachers.

I am hearing that the district is in complete scramble mode – and they are coming up with some truly ridiculous schemes.  They will say anything to avoid fessing up to screwing up royally.  Rumor has it that they are going to change to a six period day based on the premise that everyone should have an elective. Most of the students have an elective already in the current seven period day and the rest of them don’t have one because the district forced the schools to put them in two periods of math despite the objections of some teachers.

Now the district is going to eliminate two periods of language arts despite the fact that there is no way for those teachers to teach the standards without two periods. This will force out half of the language arts teachers and most likely send them to the high schools, making room for excess elementary teachers to teach at the middle school level despite most likely not having the proper credentials.

This is going to blow up this week, particularly at the middle school level – but it is ultimately going to affect every level.  This will also likely result in a massive number of RIF’s next year and a huge mess for this coming year.  Apparently the district is proposing a six period day at the middle schools, which will change staffing and rearrange a lot of teachers.

Make no mistake about it – this is a total disaster.

So what is the QEIA?  Here is what the QEIA website has to say:

SB1133 established the Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) of 2006 for the purpose of implementing the Prop 98 settlement agreement between CTA, et al. v. Schwarzenegger, et al. SB1133 will provide $3 billion over the next seven years to 488 low performing schools in California. These schools, ranked in the lowest two deciles by the state’s 2005 Academic Performance Index, have high percentages of low-income, minority and English learners.

QEIA schools will receive $500 for each K-3 pupil, $900 for each student in grades 4-8, and $1000 for each student in grades 9-12. For the 2007-2008 year, schools will receive two-thirds of this amount to assist them in planning and preparing for implementation in 2008-09. QEIA funds will assist schools in closing the achievement gap by reducing class size, improving teacher and principal training, and adding counselors to high schools.

The district sought QEIA waivers going back to last October.  I guess that was an epic fail.

There is of course no word of any of this on the district’s website.  They might have a new Superintendent, but some things never change.  This district has always tried to keep parents in the dark.  The SAUSD Trustees are also famously tight-lipped.

The last time this came up, in 2009, the O.C. Register predicted a loss of $11 million in state funding.

Three of the current SAUSD Trustees are up for reelection in November, including Roman Reyna, Jose Hernandez and Rob Richardson.   Perhaps this time the teachers’ union (the Santa Ana Educators Association) and the district will allow candidate debates.  That didn’t happen last time.  The union, as usual, endorsed the incumbents in 2010.  They didn’t even interview the challengers.

The SAUSD Trustees do not list their contact information on the SAUSD website, so here is how you can contact them:

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11 thoughts on “Disaster strikes as the SAUSD has apparently lost their QEIA funding”
  1. Didn’t this funding just run its course of 7 years.

    teachers who get bumped up or around have to be qualified to teach the specific subject. There will be no unqualified teachers moved into positions they don’t deserve.

    Other than that, thanks for posting contact information on the school board.

  2. What a scam, getting paid extra money for failing to do a good job.

    What if the state paid more for success? would or could the SAUSD rise to opportunity.

  3. In my opinion the program is a red herring. Ultimately will not solve the Santa Ana Unified school issues as the solution is mostly that of financial prosperity of the city’s residents.

    Santa Ana economic development for the benefit of it’s residents is the real solution . In this manner most of the distractions presented with poverty are addressed resulting in the students having a greater interest in education.

    Programs like these are a waste . It is better to spend the 3 billion dollars on economic development of poverty neighborhoods for the benefit of the residents in those neighborhoods.

    Spending 3 billion dollars on bureaucracy is a waste of tax payer’s money.

  4. Dear Admin,

    SAUSD is corrupt! I see RIFs coming to the teachers and counselors. You guy need to leak this to the local news! It also needs to broadcasted in Spanish. I think its time to give the administrators a 25% reduction on their salaries. It’s always the teachers that get the short end of the stick. The Santa Ana Teachers Association is also corrupt! The President sucks up to the district so she can get re-elected!

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